The Edge

Raw talent only gets you so far.  

That’s why we created The EDGE… where performance is science.

Let’s be clear. This is not for people who want to get in shape or lose weight. The EDGE is about optimizing athletic performance. To do that, we provide expertly designed programs firmly based in real, proven sports science, and personalized for our clients by experts. The EDGE offers unique and explosive programs for athletes.

With The EDGE, athletes turn hard work into their best performances.

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At The EDGE we begin by giving every athlete a head start with these vital services necessary for success:

  • Complete evaluation of performance and limitations
  • Personalized plan to optimize performance
  • Access to the tools and specialized equipment needed to increase strength, speed, agility, and power
  • Advanced personal instruction to optimize body mechanics in these essential areas: body weight training, free weight training, running, sprinting, jumping, and landing

Through our programs, athletes will gain a competitive edge with proven sports performance optimization strategies, such as:

  • Full range of motion barbell training
  • Plyometric training
  • Free weights and body weight training
  • Speed and acceleration training
  • Non-linear agility training
  • Metabolic treadmill training
  • Resistance band training
  • Self myofascial release techniques
  • Resistance band joint mobilizations

To maximize the personal attention EDGE athletes receive, our services are offered only in small classes.

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Your goals are our goals. We’ll work with EDGE athletes to find training times that fit your busy schedule.

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