Request An Appointment

Request Your Appointment (and much more) with MyChart

Of course, you can always set up an appointment right now, with no delay, by calling any one of our clinics anytime during office hours. Click here for clinics and contact info. We are always delighted to help you.

But, we also want to set you up for a healthy future, one in which you can use your mobile device or computer anytime anywhere to request an appointment… or access your secure, private health records. The solution to doing that is MyChart, a very useful website and app.

With MyChart, you have a direct line to your doctor, to making an appointment, to timely test results, to your records, and much more.

Sign up for MyChart by clicking here. You can also access it here, or download the app.

  • What can you do with MyChart?
  • Get secure and confidential web-based access to your electronic health record.
  • Communicate privately with your doctor.
  • See lab results.
  • View past and future appointments as well as request new appointments.
  • Access your information from any computer on the internet, securely, at your convenience, at anytime.
  • Research medical topics, see health reminders and screenings, request prescription renewals, and much more.

Exceptional Portability

You can use MyChart on your Apple or Android device — each platform has a free MyChart app to provide quick and secure access. Just like a computer, the MyChart app allows you to view your health information, manage appointments, get test results, and more.

Our MyChart system includes data from all Southwest Health facilities as well as otherMyChart partners. A full list is available on the MyChart website.

Questions? Call MyChart support: (888) 521-3326.