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Knee and Hip Pain

When your body is hurting it can be hard to focus on everyday tasks. Treatment for common injuries and pains doesn’t always have to include surgery. Here at the Orthopedic Institute, we focus on the best and least invasive ways to get you back to yourself again. Click on the area below where you are experiencing your pain and learn more about solutions for you.

Causes of Knee Pain

The causes of knee pain can be broken down into 3 main categories:
Mechanical – Where something is catching or rubbing incorrectly in the knee
Instability – An issue with the cushion, shock absorbers, or ligaments of the knee
Inflammatory – Swelling that causes pain

Causes of Hip Pain

With other doctors and other hospitals, you don’t have much in terms of choices when it comes to treating your hip pain. With Southwest Health’s Orthopedic Institute, you get a wider, newer range of options not available anywhere else in the region. You also get a true expert who will work with you to choose and deliver the right solution for your own unique needs.

As Board Certified orthopedic surgeon who is fellowship trained in hip and knee replacements, Dr. Lindsey is trained in all surgical approaches to the hip: anterior (Direct Anterior), anterior-lateral and posterior. Together with Dr. Lindsey, you decide which surgical approach is best for you. The two of you will consider together what will work best for you based on your own unique anatomy, on your specific level of arthritis, your past medical history, and on your underlying causes of arthritis. Dr. Lindsey will then customize your surgery for the best possible results.

The “anterior approach” is Dr. Lindsey’s preferred surgical technique when a patient has a BMI less than 38 and they have not had prior hip surgery. This anterior path allows for a rapid recovery from surgery because it’s an “inter-muscular” approach in which muscles are moved during the procedure but not detached. With this approach, a patient has fewer “precautions” post-surgery. That’s because the hip stays more stable after surgery, and the muscles around it help prevent dislocation.

Dr. Lindsey also uses advanced computer technology to ensure accurate component position, leg length, and offset for this unique surgical approach.

The “Posterior Approach” is most often used when patients have very stiff and arthritic hips or when they have significant osteoporosis or have had prior hip surgery. With this approach, patients have additional hip precautions after surgery in order to prevent dislocation and ensure proper healing. Studies demonstrate excellent outcomes with the posterior approach as well as low complication rates. However, the dislocation risk is higher than the anterior approach.

There’s a lot more to know. And Dr. Lindsey can help you discover what’s best for you. Take the first step. Call (608) 342-6210 for an appointment today.

Surgery is not right for everyone.

If you have hip pain, the first step is making an appointment. Other treatment options are available to you. Sometimes surgery is not required or even advised. Dr. Lindsey can help you decide if our physical therapy and rehabilitation experts can help you avoid surgery. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (608) 342-6210.