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Rehab Services

Getting You Back to What You Love To Do

Bringing you back is where our rehabilitation experts excel. Whether you’re an all star athlete, a couch potato, or somewhere in between, we offer all the advanced capabilities you need to get back in the game. The difference with us is you can count on our therapists putting you first. Always.

Because you are priority #1, returning you to your passions in life is our focus. And helping you make the personal breakthroughs that get you back to your life is what our therapists do best. Explore the different areas of Southwest Health’s Rehab Services below. 

Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

If you are recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery, you’ll need to make some lifestyle changes, though you may not be sure how. Our cardiac rehabilitation program can help.

Cardiac Rehab at Southwest Health gives you the tools to take charge of your heart health, to get well, and prevent another attack.

Our supervised Cardiac Rehab program offers a personalized exercise routine, education about medications and nutrition, and emotional support so you can resume normal activity.

Talk with your family medicine provider about Cardiac Rehab. Or, call us for more information at (608) 342-0932.

Phase II is an outpatient rehab program designed to reinforce what you learned during hospitalization. Depending on the procedure, rehabilitation begins one to two weeks after hospital discharge. Sessions are held three times per week with session length determined by your specific needs.

Cardiac rehab hours are by appointment and include one-hour sessions Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays based on the patient’s needs and schedule.

Occupational Therapy

Here at Southwest Health, our occupational therapists will keep the focus on the things you need and want to do to achieve your goals, stay as healthy and productive as possible, and maintain or rebuild your independence. Learn more about Southwest Health’s Occupational Therapy program here.

Physical Therapy

We have the equipment and knowledge to design activities to help you regain or improve your physical abilities and get you back to doing the things you love. Learn more here. 

Speech Therapy

From expressing language to enhancing memory and cognition, therapists provide comprehensive therapy tailored to individual needs. Whether it’s addressing swallowing/reflux issues, stuttering, social skills, or vocal changes, Southwest Health’s Speech Therapists ensures that each patient receives the highest quality care and support.

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Platteville Clinic

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Cuba City Clinic

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Darlington Clinic

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