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Getting You Back to Your Life

The region’s most advanced orthopedic care is in southwest Wisconsin.   The Orthopedic Insitute is the most advanced in the area with the only all-fellowship-trained orthopedic surgery team. The team includes, the region’s premiere bone, joint, hand, and sports medicine care.

The Orthopedic Institute is a true champion in orthopedic surgery. And it’s all in easy reach:

With the recent addition of Dr. Strassman, Southwest Health’s Orthopedic Institute is the only fellowship-trained Orthopedic team in the tri-state area. This means every patient is receiving the highest level of expert orthopedic care. 

If you need orthopedic surgery, consider Southwest Health’s Orthopedic Institute. Southwest Health’s Orthopedic Institute is available if anyone wants high-quality care close to home. To make an appointment with any of the fellowship-trained surgeons listed above or the team of highly-skilled physician assistants, people can call Southwest Health’s Orthopedic Institute at (608) 342-6210. 

Our Approach

We offer innovative care not available in Dubuque or Madison. Plus, with the absolute latest in CT and MRI scanners just down the hall, the team have access to the high tech imaging machines they need. And with rehab experts and certified athletic trainers in a fully equipped department, you get everything and everyone you need to come back faster and better than ever.