Rehabilitation & Therapy

Getting you back to what you love to do is where our rehabilitation experts excel. Whether you’re an all star athlete, a couch potato, or somewhere in between, we offer all the advanced capabilities you need to get back in the game. The difference with us is you can count on our therapists putting you first. Always.

Because you are priority #1, returning you to your passions in life is our focus. And helping you make the personal breakthroughs that get you back to your life is what our therapists do best.

Call us today to start putting the wind back in your sails: (608) 342-4748 in Platteville or (608) 744-2161 in Cuba City. Or, visit our Epione Pavilion website for information on services available in Cuba CIty.



Physical Therapy

We have the equipment and knowledge to design activities to help you regain or improve your physical abilities and get you back to doing the things you love.

Sports medicine – gait training – therapeutic exercise program/home exercise program – neuromuscular re-ed – fitting or measuring for orthotics of assistive devices – prosthetics / gait training (including work with a prosthetitist on ordering and fitting or adjusting) – manual therapy – incontinence treatment – ultrasound – ultrasound/e-stimulation combo – electrical stimulation – hot/cold packs – wound care / debridement – TENS instruction for home use – cervical and pelvic traction – home cervical traction instruction – iontophoresis – functional capacity evaluations – vestibular rehab


Occupational Therapy

We help people do what they need to do to live fully and freely. Across one’s entire lifespan, Occupational Therapy provides evaluations and personalized treatment options to help people reach their goals at home, work, and school.

Upper extremity function and manual dexterity – adaptive equipment – perceptual functions – work skills – endurance – home management skills – activities of daily living – home safety and modification – leisure skills – home assessments – splint fabrications for upper extremities – wheelchair positioning management – ergonomic analysis – fluidotherapy / ultrasound / e-stim – crossbow evaluations.




Speech Therapy

We help people speak better and gain confidence in the process. Our therapies help strengthen speech, improve clarity, produce better sound and improve articulation.

Speech Diagnosis: language disorders – aphasias – apraxia – dysarthria – dyslexia – dysphagia – modified barium swallow (aka cookie swallow) echolalia – slurred speech – anomia / word retrieval

Voice Fluency-Related Diagnosis: aphonia – dysphonia – stammering / stuttering – vocal nodules

Cognitive Disorders: CHI – CVA – hemianopsias – memory

Speech and Swallowing: parkinson’s – huntington’s chorea

We’re fortunate to be working with and offering the services of expert speech therapists who work with Southwest Health Center in cooperation with the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative. They’ve also been trained to provide the kind of personal and compassionate care you’ve come to expect from us at SHC. Give us a call, and we can offer specifics on our speech therapists’ extensive qualifications.



Cardiac Rehab Phase II

Hours: One-hour sessions Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays based on patient needs and schedule

Learn more about our Cardiac Rehab program here.