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How Can I Identify Skin Cancer?

By Christina Burr, Dermatology Physician Assistant Did you know that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer?  While it can occur at any age, the risk for skin cancer increases as you age.  It is caused by a variety of factors including sun exposure and genetics.  The good news is that if you [read more]

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Jaw Pain:  Could it be TMJ?

By Josh Bruner, Physical Therapist Do you currently have pain when chewing food? What about a painful click when opening or closing your mouth? If so, you may have temporomandibular joint pain, which is commonly known as TMJ. The temporomandibular joint is where the lower jaw connects to the skull to allow the mouth to [read more]

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Patient Access Representative

Job Title Patient Access Representative Posting Date September 2, 2021 Requirements High school diploma, GED, or equivalent Six months to one year experience with customer relations Knowledge of basic office procedures/equipment and computer systems Familiarization with medical terminology and prior health care experience preferred Certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) preferred Work Hours We are [read more]

Reasons to Hit the Golf Course

by Sam Peterson, Healthcare Intern When I was three years old, I got my first set of golf clubs. I clearly didn’t realize then how much of an impact the game of golf was going to have on my life. Golf is truly an amazing game and has helped me create so many memories, meet [read more]

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Welcome Baby Oliver

Name                            Oliver Anthony Date of Birth                August 3, 2021 Time of Birth                2:09 p.m. Weight                            9 lb. 1 oz. Length                             22 in. Parents                            Kamala and [read more]

Reasons to Enjoy Your Local Farmer’s Market

By Breanna Callahan, Marketing Coordinator I love farmer’s markets. Strolling through the park on a sunny Saturday morning picking out delicious produce and beautiful flowers. What’s not to love? Let me share with you a few reasons I enjoy visiting farmer’s markets. Buy Local When you visit a farmer’s market, you are supporting friends and [read more]

Exciting Updates from Southwest Health

We have one focus: providing residents of southwest Wisconsin access to top healthcare providers. Which means we continually look ahead at what the trends are in healthcare and what the needs are for our area, so we can stay ahead of the game. Thus we have two exciting announcements: we have begun expanding into our [read more]

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The Time of Our Lives

By Jaime Collins Something magic happened last summer. Amid the pain and loneliness and chaos of the pandemic, people began to take paths less traveled. Literally. With most of the world shut down and the brakes on every plan ever conceived, people ventured outdoors. Scores of people took to the trails and hiking paths. Deep [read more]

Kids & Screen Time

By Jodi Knight, Speech-Language Pathologist We have all heard “Don’t let your kid watch too much TV” and “Using screens isn’t good for little brains.” But why is it important to limit technology use, especially for young children? It is hard to imagine our lives without technology. We spend hours a day with technology of [read more]

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The Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

By Jenny Belken, Optometrist With summer quickly approaching, we will begin to see a significant increase in the number of people wearing sunglasses. While we may be exposed to more sunlight in the spring and summer months, sunglasses are actually extremely beneficial to wear all year round. Check out the numerous health benefits of sunglasses [read more]

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