Walking Man – An ER Doctor’s Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

by Jaime Collins “What happened to me happens to many people. My story is in many ways every person’s story,” says Mark Bogner, MD. He’s talking about the weight gain so many of us experience in our middle years. We start having families and spending more time at work. We start eating things our bodies [read more]

How We Carry Stress

By Massage Therapist Aurora Hemann, ATC, LAT, LMT  “That’s where I carry all of my stress.” As a massage therapist this is something I hear on a daily basis. The majority of the time my patients are referring to their upper back, neck, and shoulders. As the patient, you feel pain and tightness in these [read more]

Your Health and Everyone’s Health Depends on Smart Use of Antibiotics

By Jaime Collins, Director of Marketing and Communications Before the discovery of antibiotics in 1928, infections were untouchable. And frightening. With penicillin – and later many other antibiotics – doctors finally had a tool to treat and cure infections. Antibiotics quickly became widely used to treat and cure bacterial infections of all sorts. This remarkable [read more]

Halloween: Beyond the Candy

By Breanna Callahan, Marketing Coordinator Halloween is such a fun time. The cool, crisp air. The crunchy, beautiful gold and orange leaves. Scary movies. And of course, costumes! From fairies, superheroes (and villains), and historical figures to cute farm animals. There is a lot to enjoy. And who can forget about trick-or-treating? One of my [read more]

ACL tears- Are you at risk?

By Joshua Bruner, Physical Therapist With high school and college sports starting once again, it’s important to understand what the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is, what causes tears, and most importantly, how tears and injury can be prevented. The ACL is one of the most frequently injured ligaments in the knee. Each year 100,000 to [read more]

Influenza- Dispelling Myths

by Infection Preventionist/Risk Manager Angela Pagenkopf, RN One hundred years ago the 1918 influenza pandemic devastated entire communities and took an estimated 675,000 American lives.  It was the most severe pandemic in recent history, sweeping the globe quickly and killing more than 50 million people across the world. To this day, influenza poses one of [read more]