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Don’t Delay Today the Care You Needed Yesterday

By Jaime Collins, Director of Marketing and Communications | We have it good here in southwest Wisconsin. Most of us continue to be spared the worst havoc COVID-19 can inflict on our lives. Area hospitals did not see the overwhelming number of cases we all prepared for. Staying at home and cancelling non-essential healthcare visits [read more]

COVID and Your Back

By Julie Tashner, PT and Ann Morley, OTR/CLT | You feel a gnawing soreness at your neck or shoulders, or perhaps your back or arms, as you continue to click and type away at your keyboard.  Why is this happening? What can you do about it? Currently many of us are working, socializing, or studying from [read more]

Patients Required to Bring Face Coverings to Health Care Visits

As Southwest Health phases in additional in-person health care services beginning Wednesday, May 6th, all patients will be required to bring a mask to wear. To provide a safe environment for everyone, patients will be briefly screened at hospital and clinic entrances, and cloth face coverings will be required. Find easy mask-making instructions here. Because [read more]

Social Distancing Acne Regimens

By Christina Burr, PA-C |  Acne can occur at any age but it is very common during your teenage years and early twenties. Acne is frequently caused by hormones as you grow and change. It’s also caused by stress and occlusion (skin being covered and unable to breathe). Some studies also suggest that a high [read more]

We Continue To Serve, Look to Expand Care and Provide Safety for All

In the face of an unprecedented public health crisis brought on by the novel Coronavirus, the nation’s hospitals, including Southwest Health, began in mid-March postponing routine and non-essential health care. Today, Southwest Health announces hospital campus leaders are working in a proactive way to prioritize and begin carefully phasing in health care for patients with [read more]

Autism and COVID: When Every Day Is a Stay-At-Home Day

By Jaime Collins, Director of Marketing and Communications “Today is a stay-at-home day,” says Jessica. “We don’t go places on stay-at-home days.” Sounds like Jessica has a perfect coping mechanism for social distancing, right? In the most basic of ways, yes. But the truth is far more complicated, especially for her parents. You see little [read more]

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Helping Kids Cope With COVID-19

By Jennifer Miller-Kass, Behavioral Health Administrative Director These are unprecedented times. We are experiencing something that we have never dealt with before. With schools closed and no playdates or sports, families are spending more time together than ever before. Let us make it good time. Children are impacted in a unique way. Let’s go over [read more]

Be Kind to Your Mind: Support Your Mental Health During COVID-19

By Jennifer Miller Kass, MSW, LCSW COVID-19, also known as the “Coronavirus”, does not discriminate against anyone. Regardless of your ethnicity or nationality, it effects all of us. Right now things are unknown, and changing rapidly. This is causing stress in the population as a whole and makes us feel helpless. It is in times [read more]

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Coronavirus in 3 ½ Minutes

Tons in the news, and tons of talk. But what do you really need to know about the Coronavirus? And more importantly, what do you need to do? The next several minutes you spend reading this article will help you now and in the future when it comes to staying clear of and slowing down [read more]

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Red Meat: Ok In Moderation

Every time we eat, we expose ourselves to risk. Food could arrive from a contaminated farm, a food-handling mistake could get someone sick, or eating too much of a favorite food could increase your chances of having a heart attack. We often hear about the risks of an unhealthy diet, but what does it mean [read more]

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