Honoring Your Health Care Choices

Too often, we don’t receive the health care we wish for near the end of life or in medical emergencies. We don’t because we haven’t clarified what our wishes are. But starting a conversation about such situations can be difficult, whether with doctors, family members, religious and community leaders, or health care providers. It is, [read more]

Beyond Thirst: Signs You’re Dehydrated

The average human is about 60% water. True. Dehydration (when your body does not have enough water to function properly) can cause blood clots, seizures, and other potentially fatal health issues. That’s unfortunately true, too. In fact, even mild dehydration can cause problems, so everyone should know about the not-so-obvious signs of dehydration that don’t [read more]

A Proven Key to a Healthier Life

The human body is complex, so is extremely important to have someone with special expertise to help you keep you healthy and well. Family practitioners are among the most important professionals available to you to help you maintain your health and wellness. Why? These are doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who are the first [read more]

Is Robo-Doc the Future of Knee Replacement Surgery?

By Joshua Lindsey, MD | As people live longer, more knees are wearing out, and more people are feeling the pain. If you’re one of those with severe knee pain, there’s some really great news as to share with you as well as some confusing news out there to clear up. Let’s sort through it. First [read more]

Tammie Richter recognized as rural health ambassador

Southwest Health announces Foundation Director Tammie Richter was recently bestowed the prestigious Rural Health Ambassador Award by the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative. In doing so, the RWHC seeks to recognize individuals across the State of Wisconsin who go above the call of duty in promoting their organizations and in making significant contributions to rural health [read more]