Know the Signs – ENVIRONMENT

By Jennifer Miller Kass, MSW, LCSW, Behavioral Health Administrative Director at Southwest Behavioral Services People who have suicidal thoughts are often so overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and hopelessness that they think they have no other option. Environmental factors increase the risk for suicide.  Increased risk can often occur due to: A stressful life event – [read more]

Know the Signs – HEALTH

By Gerry Lou Sertle, MSN, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC, Mental Health Provider at Southwest Behavioral Services According to WHO (World Health Organization) there is a link between suicide and mental disorders (in particular, depression and alcohol use disorders).  Many suicides happen impulsively, in moments of crisis, with a breakdown in the ability to deal with life stresses, [read more]

I Didn’t Ask

Guest Blog by Carrie Cullen. Carrie is a local family survivor of suicide. Her passion and bravery can be seen through her Instagram blog, where she often writes about her experiences from a real, raw, and totally honest perspective.  She uses her voice not only to break down stigmas, but also to let others know they [read more]

Know the Signs – BEHAVIOR

  By Noelle Hebgen, BSN, RN, Director of Inpatient Behavioral Health at Southwest Behavioral Services “Suicide is not chosen…it happens when the pain exceeds the resources for coping with the pain.” –Unknown Most people who are considering suicide will have warning signs and experience behavioral changes in the time leading up to the suicide attempt. [read more]

Know the Signs – MOOD

By Lacy Taylor, MA, LPC – Mental Health Therapist at Southwest Behavioral Services Mood changes in friends or family is a common warning sign of suicidal thoughts. Depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are prevalent in people who have thoughts of suicide or have attempted suicide. Even if you or someone you know hasn’t been [read more]

Know the Signs – TALK

by Katie Grady, MSW, CAPSW, Social Worker at Southwest Behavioral Services While every person and situation is unique, it has been found that common language exists in many suicidal patients. Some are direct and easy to identify, while others may go unnoticed. This is one of many reasons why community education is so critical to [read more]

Know the Signs – Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week

In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, Southwest Behavioral Services at Southwest Health is running a week-long campaign to inform and engage our communities in conversation about the warning signs and risk factors of suicide.  The campaign is titled: “Know the Signs.” Over 41,000 people die by suicide each year in the United States.  Knowing [read more]