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Southwest Health Congratulates Platteville Podiatry on Retirement

Platteville Podiatry has announced that Dr. Joan Harrington and Dr. Scott Kjar are both retiring and Platteville Podiatry will close effective Friday, June 28, 2024. They share that it has been a great pleasure to serve so many in southwest Wisconsin, yet the time has come for them to step away from work and enjoy the days ahead.

In the weeks ahead, it’s recommended patients arrange to have another physician provide care, and Southwest Health is pleased to report that they are available to make this transition easy. On the final day Platteville Podiatry is open, they will transfer current medical records to Southwest Health. If patients seek podiatry care not at Southwest Health, they can contact Platteville Podiatry at (608) 348-7688 to discuss transferring medical records elsewhere, or arrange to pick up records. After June 28th, Southwest Health will store medical records for the required time before destroying them consistent with national healthcare industry protocol.

Southwest Health’s CEO Dan Rohrbach says, “Congratulations to Dr. Kjar and Dr. Harrington on your retirement! You have provided exceptional care to our community for decades. Thank you for the years of dedication to the well-being of our community.”

Southwest Health is excited to share that they are ready to make this transition as easy as possible for Platteville Podiatry patients. They have two podiatrists to serve patients at the Orthopedic Institute. Moiz Hassan, DPM, FACFAS, completed his three-year surgical residency at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago Illinois. His surgical training is extensive with expertise in all aspects of foot and ankle reconstructive surgery.

Joining Southwest Health in June is Spencer Hammack, DPM! He completed his podiatric medicine and surgical residency from the Norton Audubon Hospital Podiatric Residency Program in Louisville, Kentucky. He will care for patients with an array of ailments, from sports injuries to full-spectrum podiatric surgical and non-invasive procedures.

To establish care with either Dr. Moiz Hassan, or Dr. Spencer Hammack, at Southwest Health’s Orthopedic Institute, call (608) 342-6210.

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