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RWHC’s Commentary on Questioning Health Insurance Companies

Recently, Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative’s Executive Director, Tim Size, released a commentary article titled, “Question Your Health Insurance Company”. In the commentary, RWHC outlined seven important questions businesses and individuals can ask of their health insurer before being locked into a contract.

With the recent disruptions to healthcare coverage in the southwest Wisconsin area, RWHC is empowering individuals and organization to understand how a health insurer can singularly impact people’s ability to receive high-quality local care. Many times insurance companies will try to dictate where patients can receive care. Patients always have options. If patients are being directed to a provider and would prefer to see someone else, they can always talk to their employer. Patients with an individual plan can talk to a local insurance broker to help make changes to see preferred providers. 

Southwest Health’s CEO Dan Rohrbach agrees with Tim’s recommendations and adds, “As part of the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative, Southwest Health understands the challenges healthcare organizations face. We work diligently to ensure we can exceed patients’ needs and work hard to serve the communities of southwest Wisconsin. Don’t allow an insurance company to dictate where you can receive care. Remember, you have choices.”

About Southwest Health 

With its fast-growing range of providers and services, Southwest Health is a high-performing regional healthcare system that puts patient needs first. On the hospital campus in Platteville, Southwest Health provides wide-ranging, high-quality acute care services, including medical and surgical care, emergency and urgent care, Orthopedic Institute, Rehab Services, obstetrics and gynecology, Birth Center, specialty care, cancer care, a comprehensive Eye Center, the area’s largest family medical clinic, Emergency Medical Services, and an outpatient pharmacy. With the offsite locations in Cuba City, Darlington, Lancaster, and Kieler, Southwest Health is bringing high-quality family medicine and specialty care, closer to home. 

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