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What to Expect

Throughout your pregnancy, you will experience many symptoms, feelings, and emotions. That’s a good thing. The goal is to provide you (and your baby) with exceptional, personalized care. Each trimester is different for each person, so not everything described applies to every pregnancy. If unsure, you should always contact your pregnancy provider with any questions or concerns. 

Schedule an Appointment

Make an appointment with a provider with an OB/GYN or Family Medicine provider. They can care for you during your pregnancy and deliver your bundle of joy too!

OB/GYN (608) 342 -0986
Family Medicine (608) 348-4330

1st Trimester (0-12 weeks)

From conception through 12 weeks, your first trimester will include a series of tests and exams to ensure your pregnancy is off to a great start. 

2nd Trimester (13-25 weeks)

From 13 to 25 weeks is considered the second trimester. You’re probably anxiously awaiting that 20-week ultrasound you heard about where you might get to find out the gender of your baby. There are also a series of other tests and exams that will be done throughout the second trimester. There are classes available at Southwest Health through the Birth Center that you can take before baby is here. 

3rd Trimester (26-41 weeks)

You’re almost there – 26 weeks and counting! Hang tight; the coming weeks will prepare you for your upcoming delivery. While you’re probably busy painting a nursery and maybe opening shower gifts, if you haven’t already, you should consider packing your hospital bag and getting together your plan of action for when “it’s time.” Make sure that you arrange care for any other children in the home for when you go into labor and a backup plan for getting to the hospital, just in case.