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What to Expect

Throughout your pregnancy, you will experience many symptoms, feelings, and emotions. That’s a good thing. The goal is to provide you (and your baby) with exceptional, personalized care. Each trimester is different for each person, so not everything described applies to every pregnancy. If unsure, you should always contact your pregnancy provider with any questions or concerns. 

Don’t Let Periods Cramp Your Style

The vast majority of women will experience a period in their lifetime. But, not all periods are created equal. If you are one of the women who has irregular, painful, or non-existent periods then click on the resources below for answers to your common questions about periods.

Pain “Down There”

There are a number of reasons why women experience pain or discomfort “down there.” Some of the reasons are common and harmless, others are ways of your body trying to tell you that there is something bigger going on. If you are suffering from uterine, abdominal, or vaginal pain then click on the resources below for answers to your common questions.

Understanding Menopause

Menopause is the natural change in ovarian function. One of the most obvious symptoms of the menopause is hot flashes. Women may also experience issues like irregular bleeding, changes in libido, questions about bone and heart health, and more. Below is a list of topics to answer your biggest questions.

Time to Talk About Fertility

Women who are having difficulty getting pregnant may wonder if something is wrong. A typical starting point for a fertility evaluation is when a woman has not gotten pregnant after one year of trying. For women over 35, it’s typically considered evaluation after six months of trying. And for women with very irregular periods, evaluation can be done at any time.