Quality and Pricing

We want you to have information about your health care. Because no two cases are the same and because providing care is complex, comparative measures of quality and pricing are difficult to accurately interpret even in the best of circumstances. However, we are committed to ensuring you have access to quality and pricing information.

We want you to know you can find online a list of the 75 most common inpatient stays and 75 most frequent outpatient surgical procedures in Wisconsin. For these sample stays and procedures (assuming no medical complications), you can access a list that includes a) medical bills charged for these stays and procedures at Southwest Health, b) the average estimated payment under Medicare for each, and c) their average estimated payment from insurers and health plans. This information is online at www.wipricepoint.org.

In addition, you can access public information regarding the quality of health care services at Southwest Health as compared to other hospitals. Go to www.wicheckpoint.org.

Notice to Patients: Click here to learn what Southwest Health is doing to be transparent with up-to-date pricing information.

The federal government requires each hospital to post on its website a list of its standard charges for each inpatient and outpatient service and items provided by the hospital. The list is available in a machine-readable format at this link: 391370626_Southwest-Health-Center-Inc_standardcharges

The federal government requires each hospital to post a separate machine-readable file for its Top 300 Shoppable Services. The list is available at this link: 391370626 Southwest-Health-Center-Inc_shoppableservices

We encourage you to contact our Financial Counselor at 608-342-4717 (select option 2) for questions about this information.