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Spring, Summer, and Seasonal Allergies

If you suffer from environmental allergies, you know what it feels like to dread the changing seasons. Just when you feel like you have a handle on your symptoms, a new month is here, and you’re exposed to new environmental allergens.

The symptoms of environmental allergies can feel similar to a cold, but the same thing does not cause them. A virus causes a cold, while allergies are a reaction caused by an immune system’s response to certain substances in your surroundings. Symptoms can vary between people and include:

• Sneezing
• Running nose
• Shortness of breath
• Itching
• Headaches
• Wheezing
• Fatigue

If you think you have an environmental allergy, you can see a specialist to identify your specific triggers. During your visit, they will ask about your symptoms and medical and family history. Using this information and the results from allergy testing, they can identify specific allergens that may be causing your symptoms.

A specialist that you can see to address your allergy concerns is someone from Southwest Health’s ENT team, Kyle Quillin, DO, and Katie Ponsler, PA-C.

Dr. Kyle Quillin and Katie Ponsler, PA-C, are Southwest Health’s full-time ENT providers who see patients in multiple Southwest Health locations, including the Platteville, Cuba City, and Kieler Clinics. Dr. Quillin’s Otolaryngology Residency encompasses allergy, and has completed additional training through the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy. After spending seven years as a primary care provider, Katie Ponsler, PA-C, has transitioned to the ENT team and looks forward to helping patients reach better health.

Dr. Quillin and Katie Ponsler, PA-C, now offer testing, education, and treatment plans for each person’s unique needs and environment. Born and raised in southwest Wisconsin, they have made it their work to improve the quality of life of their patients.

Adult Southwest Health patients can make consultations to determine if they should be tested for environmental allergies. Dr. Quillin and Katie Ponsler, PA-C, will discuss, one-on-one, if allergy testing is appropriate. If people suspect they have mild to moderate allergies or have been referred by their primary care provider, they can now be tested and treated close to home.

If you would like to schedule an allergy consultation with Kyle Quillin, DO, or Katie Ponsler, PA-C, contact Southwest Health at (608) 342-5060 to set up an environmental allergy consultation.

After your allergy appointment, you will receive an allergy treatment plan. This may include medications, immunotherapy, work or home environment changes, or dietary changes. Ask your specialist to explain anything about your diagnosis or treatment that you need help understanding. With test results that identify your allergens and a treatment plan to help you take control, you’ll be able to reduce or eliminate allergy signs and symptoms.

Hopefully, with an allergy diagnosis, you’ll be able to enjoy the changing seasons once again.