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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

EMS Photo

EMS is the Vital Link

EMS providers respond to all types of emergencies. These emergencies can range from a very minor illness or injury to the much more serious/severe or critical illness or injury. Southwest Health’s EMS crew strives to provide high quality patient centered care to all patients. Patients and families can expect to be treated with respect, compassion, and dignity. EMS providers are the vital link between people in need and advanced health care services. 


Mon – Sun

Open 24 hours

1350 Eastside Road, Platteville, WI

EMS Station: (608) 342-6250
Interfacility Transfer Request: (608) 342-6367
Fax: (608) 342-6298

If this is an emergency, call 911

More About EMS

Time can be the difference between life and death. Time can also make a difference in how a patient will recover. Southwest Health’s EMS team understands this and works with a purpose and mission. The EMS crew strives to enhance services capabilities and always look for ways to improve the care. Working at the Paramedic/Critical Care Paramedic level allows the team to provide the highest level possible in the pre-hospital setting.

Southwest Health EMS is the ambulance provider for the City of Platteville and the City of Cuba City as well as all of the Towns of Platteville, Lima and Smelser. Additionally, the crew covers portion of the Towns of Ellenboro, Harrison, Elk Grove and Belmont.

If you need EMS services, see more options below:

Southwest Health’s EMS has two crews that staff the ambulances 24/7. The two-person crews operate at the Paramedic/Critical Care Paramedic. This means that at least one of the providers is either a Paramedic or Critical Care Paramedic. The other crew member could be an EMT, Advanced EMT or another Paramedic/Critical Care Paramedic. When there is a third crew member, they are usually new to the department and on orientation.

As a paramedic/critical care paramedic level service, EMS providers are able to administer pain management medications, give advanced cardiac life support care and perform other advanced life support skills.

The following list outlines the different vehicles used by Southwest Health’s EMS crew.

Ambulance 231 is a 2013 Ford F650 chassis with a Horton patient compartment. Ambulance 231 is equipped at the Critical Care Paramedic level. Ambulance 231 went into service for Southwest Health EMS in September 2015.

Ambulance 232 is a 2015 Freightliner chassis with a Horton patient compartment. Ambulance 232 is equipped at the Critical Care Paramedic level. Ambulance 232 went into service for Southwest Health EMS in January 2024.

Ambulance 233 is a 2019 Ford F550 chassis with a Horton patient compartment. Ambulance 233 is equipped at the Critical Care Paramedic level. Ambulance 233 went into service in November 2019.

Ambulance 234 is a 2022 Dodge Ram Promaster 3500 II Ambulance with a FR Conversion patient compartment. Ambulance 234 is equipped at the Critical Care Paramedic level. Ambulance 234 went into service in January 2023.

Ambulance 235 is a 2009 International chassis with a Horton patient compartment. Ambulance 235 is equipped at the Critical Care Paramedic level. Ambulance 235 went into service for Southwest Health EMS in August 2023.

Command 230 is a 2018 Ford Interceptor. Command 230 is equipped as a command/first response vehicle and carries much equipment for the Paramedic level. Command 230 went into service in June 2019.

To provide billing information or request a copy of a bill, please call (608) 342-4717

To request a copy of a patient care report, please call (608) 342-4718 or visit the Health Information page.

To arrange any services, either call the following numbers or fill out the form below. Do not use this form to request an ambulance for a transfer or 911 response.

  • 911 Response (Emergency or Non-Emergency) – Call 911
  • Interfacility Transport – Call the transfer line at (608) 342-6367
  • Contracted Transports – Call the EMS station at (608) 342-6367
  • Standby Events – Call the EMS Station at (608) 342-6250
  • Public Outreach – Call the EMS Station at (608) 342-6250

EMS Contact Us Form

Southwest Health’s EMS facility, located at 1350 Eastside Road,  was built in 2016 and opened late September 2016. Since that time, it has served as the headquarters for Southwest Health EMS. The facility is 8,328 square feet and has offices, a report room, a laundry/decontamination room, medical supply room, tool room, four dorm rooms, a dayroom, two locker rooms, garage space for six vehicles, a training/conference room and kitchenette.

The following are services Southwest Health provides to the surrounding communities:

  • 911 Response – EMS crew responds to any call for an ambulance within the EMS district 
  • Interfacility Transport – transport a patient from hospital to hospital, hospital to nursing home, residence to nursing home, nursing home to residence, etc.
    • Basic Life Support – requires minimal/basic interventions for patient care (not life or death)
    • Advanced Life Support – requires more advanced interventions for patient care
    • Critical Care Paramedic – requires highest level of care available, patient is critical
  • Contracted Transports – arranged transports, mostly used by hospice agencies
  • Standby Events -Community Events (Berry Fest, etc…), High School Football Games, University Football Games, University Commencements,
  • Public Outreach – mock accidents, American Heart Association CPR courses