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Emergency Department

Urgent Care

Emergency Department

We are proud to offer the area’s only dedicated, full-time team of board-certified Emergency Physicians in our Emergency Department. These are our own physicians, not contracted or part-time doctors.

Our highly experienced team of physicians — supported by an experienced professional team of nurses, physician assistants and other health care staff — are always here and we’re always ready when you need us most.

The Difference between Urgent Care and Emergency Services:

Emergency services and urgent care are provided by the same team of Southwest Health physicians, nurses and staff, so it’s important to understand the difference. A visit that begins in Urgent Care may become an Emergency Department visit after the physician completes the exam.

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun

Open 24 hours

1400 Eastside Road, Platteville, WI
(Emergency Entrance)
(608) 348-2331


Emergency Services

Call 911 in case of a medical emergency. Or, come immediately to the Emergency Department if you experience any of the following conditions:

Our Emergency Department offers the latest technology plus two fully equipped trauma rooms. Steps away, our doctors have access to the tri-states most advanced medical imaging technology, including new in-house wide-bore MRI and new low dose CT machines.

Whether it’s urgent or an emergency, the most important thing is that you see a provider when you need one. At Southwest Health, our Urgent Care is in our Emergency Department. So, if you come into Urgent Care, and it turns out to be an emergency situation, you’re already in the ER–with highly experienced ER providers–no ambulance needed.

The Home Team Advantage

When seconds count, our Emergency and Urgent Care physician team offer unparalleled experience and personal dedication to emergency medicine. And with new CT and MRI just steps away, they’re also equipped with the advanced technology they need to save lives. They are caring physicians with powerful credentials and are the critical difference makers on your own home turf.