Sponsorships & Donations

Southwest Health exists to serve the healthcare needs of the people of southwest Wisconsin. Providing exceptional care with great compassion is what we do.

Excellence in healthcare requires us to be the best possible stewards of our financial resources. At the same time, we also recognize our role as a cornerstone institution in our region, and as such, we are a partner to our communities. For that reason, we seek opportunities to make an impact beyond the walls of our facilities.

We give careful and diligent consideration to requests for financial and in-kind support for events and organizations as they relate to our mission, vision and values. Our SH Sponsorship Policy offers guidelines and parameters to help us respond to the many requests we receive each year.

Completing this form helps us give careful and diligent consideration to your request. And it helps us serve everyone better by stewarding our resources the best way possible.

Click here to complete our Sponsor Request Form.

Note: we receive many requests every year, and we are unable to fulfill all of them. Requests are evaluated monthly. Applicants will be notified by email of approval or denial. Questions may be directed to the Marketing and Communications staff at 608-342-0941.