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Going the Extra Mile

Being part of a community, no matter how big or small, can positively affect your mental health and emotional well-being, which can help you live a longer, happier life. Community involvement provides a sense of belonging, pride, and social connection. Being a part in your community can also offer extra meaning and purpose to everyday life, helping you feel excited about upcoming activities, meet new people, and be interested in something you wouldn’t normally interact with.

Communities are more than just the places you live or go to school. They exist or can be created from a shared hobby, lived experience, or a common cause. For many, communicating with others through online forums, where it’s easy to find people with a common interest, social media, where you can meet people you have a shared connection with, or in-person, where you meet people who live near you, can help you to have a healthier mindset, improved self-worth, and greater enjoyment of life.

So, we know that connection is essential for our mental and physical health. But after spending years somewhat isolated and encouraged not to be around others, how do you make that switch? How can you start to build a connection with the community around you? You can take small steps to feel more connecting by attending local events and meeting new people.

This is an excellent opportunity to support organizations in your area, meet your neighbors, and discover new interests. Check out your community event calendar for more information. This can usually be found on your town’s website or social media pages.

If you’re looking to connect to your community right now, you’re in luck!

Southwest Health is hosting a 5K Run/Walk on May 6th to celebrate Nurses’ Week and nurses’ dedication to keeping the people of southwest Wisconsin safe and healthy. Southwest Health goes the extra mile for their nurses, and you can too!

Join Southwest Health at their Family (and dog) Friendly 5K Run/Walk on May 6th! The run/walk starts and ends at Southwest Health with live music from Hot Rod DJ and Vesperman Farms ice cream truck! Bring your kids, your dogs, and whomever you’d like to cheer you on! Registration is $30 and includes your event t-shirt, or event t-shirts are available for $15! Or you can just come to enjoy the event!

Let’s thank our nurses by going the extra mile! To register to run, walk, or purchase a t-shirt or dog bandana to support the event, visit, Registration closes on April 14th.

Remember, you’re not alone even if you feel a lack of connection. There are people around you feeling the same way. Take that first step to feel more connected to your community.