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Frequently Un-Asked Questions

by The Pharmacy, Southwest Health

Pharmacists answer a lot of questions during their workday. The role of a pharmacist is inherently available to the community to help provide clarity to consumers about anything related to their medications or care. While common questions like “when should I take this” or “what are the side effects of this medicine” are asked all day long, some people are not as comfortable asking the uncomfortable questions. Below are a few questions that pharmacists don’t get asked a lot and wish they did. Having an open dialogue with your medical care provider, whether it’s primary care, specialists, or pharmacists, is best to ensure you’re getting quality care.

Is there a cheaper option for this medication? Usually, the answer is yes! Your pharmacist will know more about different offerings of medications than what was prescribed and any opportunity to find an alternative. The CDC reports that nearly 50% of people have at least one prescription a month, and 12% take up to five prescribed medications. That really adds up if you’re paying more than you need to! You don’t have to break your budget to afford your necessary medications. The Pharmacy at Southwest Health has a service that allows you to meet with your pharmacist and ask about medications that are covered under Medicare. This service and Medicare-covered medications are incredibly likely to save you money on your prescriptions. There’s no shame in asking for a more affordable option.

Does it really matter what time I take my medication? If your medication has a specific recommended time it asks you to take the medication, you should plan on taking it then. It may help with effectiveness as well as managing any possible side effects. If you’re taking multiple medications throughout the day, it can be difficult to remember when everything needs to be taken. Fortunately, there’s a better way of taking your medicine. Bubble Packs are a free, convenient type of package arranging your pills by date and time of day, in up to four doses per day if needed. They come in easy-to-open packets that assure you will never miss a dose or mix up a prescription again. If you’re interested in Bubble Packs, ask your provider to send your medications to The Pharmacy at Southwest Health to take advantage of this service, which is not offered at other pharmacies.

I missed a dose. What should I do? If you missed a dose of your prescribed medication, give your pharmacy a call and ask how you should proceed before taking any action like doubling up on doses or stopping altogether. They can give you specific instructions to get back to where you need to be with your medicine. There is no judgment. Your care team just wants to help you be successful in taking your medication consistently, so it works as prescribed.

Is generic medication just as effective as name brands? Yes. FDA-approved generic medications work and provide the same benefit as their name-brand counterparts. The FDA requires a rigorous pre-approval review to ensure generic medicines meet their requirements. If you’re interested in getting generic versions of your current medications, just ask your pharmacist! You will likely be able to switch since the active ingredients are the same, so the effects will be the same.

And the most significant question pharmacists want you to ask; is there a way to make taking my medication easier?

Many services are available to you at your pharmacy that makes picking up and remembering to take your medication easier. You have a lot going on in your life. Taking your medicine as prescribed shouldn’t be a burden on your to-do list.

The Pharmacy at Southwest Health offers many free services, all in an effort to make taking your medications easier. All you need to do is ask. Just a few of the available services are highlighted below:

  • Online Refills. You can take advantage of Southwest Health’s free online prescription refill service when you’re in a hurry, can’t get to the pharmacy, or just want to streamline your to-do list. All you need is your prescription number, the number after RX# on your medicine bottom, and your pharmacist will handle the rest!
  • Free Delivery. Many pharmacies will deliver medications to your home, and Southwest Health delivers medications to the Belmont, Cuba City, and Platteville area for free! This service removes any barriers for you and helps keep you current on refilling prescriptions.
  • You can get all your regular meds with one stop, once every month, not just for you but for the whole family. The Pharmacy takes care of any insurance or refill problems before you run out of medication, so you’re not left scrambling to get a prescription at the last minute and possibly run out.

A question that is asked very frequently and The Pharmacy team at Southwest Health hears often is, where are you located? The Pharmacy at Southwest Health is located on the first floor, next to the Specialty Clinic. There’s a specific parking lot just for pharmacy patients, just past the gold entrance, to the right.

Save yourself from making an extra stop after your appointment! Tell your provider to send your prescription to the pharmacy at Southwest Health. It’s really that easy. Give the Pharmacy at Southwest Health a call at (608) 342-6200 and ask how you can upgrade your current medications to utilize Bubble Packs, free delivery, or refill your prescription online today at Southwest Health | Online Prescription Refills! The Pharmacy staff at Southwest Health is available and eager to answer all of your medication-related questions, whether frequent or not.

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