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Finding Support through a Diagnosis

After receiving a diagnosis, there’s a lot to sort through. You have to deal with your emotions around the news, telling your loved ones, setting up all the appointments, working with insurance, and all the other incidentals that pop up along the way towards getting better.

Through treatment, you might find that you need additional support. It can feel lonely after a cancer diagnosis. You can find strength in sharing thoughts and feelings with others who understand what you’re going through.

Many hospitals and cancer centers have oncology social workers or navigators on staff, specializing in cancer patients to help you communicate with your healthcare team and others. They can help you talk about your experiences and find ways to cope. Social workers also provide help with insurance and financial issues. If you have not already met with a social worker, you can ask your healthcare provider for a referral.

Another way to find support is with a group! Cancer support groups can provide a safe place to share experiences with others who are dealing with cancer. Each support group is different. You may need to try several groups to find the one that works best for you. Your healthcare team can help you find cancer support groups in your area.

How do you know if a support group is right for you? You can think about what you hope to gain by joining one. A support group may not be suitable for everyone. Some people don’t like to hear about others’ problems. And some find that their need for a support group changes over time. If you have a choice of support groups, visit a few and see what they are like. See which ones make sense for you. Although many groups are free, some charge a small fee. Your health insurance may even cover the associated fees of a support group.

At Southwest Health, our Infusion Center and Cancer Care clinic is staffed with compassionate nurses and providers who are looking to support you through every decision and emotion. Through your treatment with Southwest Health, you’ll find support through the different services offered.