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At Southwest Health, we value our volunteers as they help make life a little better for our staff, patients, and community members. Our volunteers generously donate their time and efforts to support our goal of outstanding patient care.

As a volunteer, you become part of the Southwest Health team. We all share the promise that our personal care will help our patients get better faster and have the vision of creating a healthier Southwest Wisconsin. Becoming a member of our family through volunteer will be a substantial reward in itself. We appreciate your interest.

current hospital openings

  • Diabetes Education: Help the Diabetes Education Director with monthly mailings…[read full description]
  • Emergency Department: Assist the Emergency Department in comforting patients and the friends/family of those patients…[read full description]
  • Facility Operations: Help the Facility Operations Department to perform seasonal maintenance tasks as needed…[read full description]
  • Laboratory: Help the Laboratory Department in transferring samples throughout the hospital…[read full description]
  • Medicine-Surgical: Assist the Medicine-Surgical Department by socializing with the patients and keeping them active…[read full description]
  • Rehabilitation: Support the Rehabilitation Department with maintenance and patient care…[read full description]
  • Surgery: Help members of the Surgery Department by escorting patients and families throughout the facility and performing administrative duties…[read full description]

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!