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Southwest Health Offers WIAA Sport Physicals

Southwest Health is offering WIAA sports physicals for 2024/2025. If your
child participates in school-sponsored sports, the WIAA requires all athletes to get sports
physicals. These physicals are a great way to ensure student-athletes are healthy enough to
participate in sports. A physical can also help athletes and their parents be aware of any
conditions that may impact their health while participating in sports.

Living and Working Independently

Occupational Therapists (OTs) assist their patients to live more independently after an injury, stroke, or chronic disease diagnosis. After a major health event, it can take awhile for a person’s functionality to resume, if at all. With assistance from an OT, patients learn to adjust their everyday life to their new normal.

Finding Joy in the Hospital

When people think of going to a hospital for an appointment, procedure, or to visit loved ones, they might experience a heightened sense of anxiety. Going to the doctor can bring up previous bad experiences or sad memories. But good things happen at hospitals and clinics all the time. Babies are born, people heal, and […]

eICU Program Onboarded at Southwest Health

Southwest Health recently added an additional level of intensive and direct patient care. Through a partnership with UW Health, the eICU program offers an innovative way to monitor and care for patients that need additional care without having to leave Southwest Health.

RWHC’s Commentary on Questioning Health Insurance Companies

Recently, Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative’s Executive Director, Tim Size, released a commentary article titled, “Question Your Health Insurance Company”. In the commentary, RWHC outlined seven important questions businesses and individuals can ask of their health insurer before being locked into a contract.

Southwest Health Hosts Pickleball Injury Prevention Event

Southwest Health’s fellowship-trained Orthopedic Surgeon, Alexander Strassman, DO and Physical Therapist Breland Scharschmidt, PT, DPT, ATC will host a Pickleball Injury Prevention Event on April 18th at 5:30 PM at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Pioneer Activity Center. Pickleball is continuing to dominate conversations, courts, and so much more! With the ever-increasing popularity of pickleball, more […]

Southwest Health Congratulates Platteville Podiatry on Retirement

Platteville Podiatry has announced that Dr. Joan Harrington and Dr. Scott Kjar are both retiring and Platteville Podiatry will close effective Friday, June 28, 2024. They share that it has been a great pleasure to serve so many in southwest Wisconsin, yet the time has come for them to step away from work and enjoy […]

Fighting Against the Flu

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and that only means one thing. Winter and flu season are right around the corner. To be prepared for the impending sickness that is bound to take over your household, there are a few different activities you can complete to be better prepared and stay healthy.

Southwest Heath Announces New Medical Office Building  

Southwest Health announced their plans for a new medical outpatient building, located on Eastside Road, adjacent to their Platteville hospital and clinic. To meet the growing healthcare needs in the region, Southwest Health will break ground in the spring of 2025 and when construction is complete in the summer of 2026, Southwest Health Behavioral Services, the Eye Center, and potentially other ancillary services will move to the new building.

Vaccines for Seniors

Ensuring the well-being of our senior citizens is essential for promoting long and healthy lives. There are three different types of vaccines seniors should consider receiving to protect against respiratory illnesses, including flu, RSV, and coronavirus. Below is quick guide of the different vaccines the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending and how Medicare can cover these shots.