Winter Break BINGO

Winter break. What a fun time to be a kid! But it can also be a challenging time (especially this year) to figure out what the kids can do that will keep them busy and engaged.

We came up with Winter Break Bingo as a way to keep kids busy, having fun, and maybe even picking up some healthy habits over winter break. We hope this reduces the number of times you hear “I’m bored!”.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Print the BINGO card below
  2. Cross out activities as you complete them
  3. When you cross off five in a row (horizontal, diagonal or vertical), that is a “BINGO.” Get as many BINGOs as you can!
  4. Enter below to win a very special prize a below before January 11. You can enter one time for each BINGO you get! Anyone between ages 3-15 can enter to win!
  5. The prize is a Wisconsin State Park Pass. We will draw the winners on Tuesday, January 12. *Must be Wisconsin resident to win.  Check our Facebook page for the winner!