Sole Mates Walking Club

Sole Mates is a FREE community walking club sponsored by Southwest Health. It’s super easy to join because all you really have to do is show up!

Even better yet, Sole Mates is free of judgement, too. That means no matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, no matter how fast you walk, and no matter how far you want to go, you are ALWAYS welcome among Sole Mates.

If you can walk for just 15 minutes, you can join Sole Mates. Want to walk for an hour? That’s great, too. Sole Mates will always tailor our “work out” to the needs of those who show up to walk. When we have enough people, we will simply split up into groups for those who want to walk easier, or farther. That makes Sole Mates always a perfect and flexible fit for you.

Where: This year we’ll walk at various locations including the Arboretum path from Katie’s Garden or the Dog Park, Smith Park, Moundview Park, etc.

When: Our weekly walk is Mondays at 5:15 pm beginning May 20. Members may also organize additional group walks announced on our Facebook page.

Get news and keep up several ways: 1) Join our Facebook group. 2) Visit our My Healthy Life page to sign up. Doing so there also signs you up for our 100 Miles in 100 Days Community Walking Challenge. 3) If you just want to sign up and receive our weekly emails regarding walks and locations, use the form below.

100 Miles in 100 Days

This our community walking challenge. In 20109, our challenge ends August 27. Use this online form to verify your success in completing the challenge!

Download a tracking form by Clicking here.

Sole Mates Updates

  • Enter your email to receive updates on location changes, cancellations due to weather, club info, gear recommendations, and more.

Weather/Cancellations: Poor weather sometimes changes or shorten routes. It can also mean we cancel a walk. You can also count on us not to endanger our fellow Sole Mates! Trust also that we will talk on our walks about changing conditions and what to wear or what to bring. We will definitely cancel or reschedule when the weather looks downright nasty, so sign up for updates using one of the ways noted above. And keep up to date! 

Questions? Suggestions? Call Jaime at 608-342-4779.