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Sole Mates Walking Club

Sole Mates is our FREE community walking club.

Sole Mates is also FREE of judgement. So no matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, no matter how fast you walk, and no matter how far you want to go, you are ALWAYS welcome among Sole Mates.

Click here for info on t-shirts, on our FINALE event September 14, and on recording your successful 100 miles. 

Sole Mates 2021

We began Sole Mates group walks at our big Launch Party on Monday, June 7, the week following Memorial Day.

Sign up below for our Sole Mates Walking Club and for our Community Walking Challenge! Beginning June 7, our club meets every Monday at 5:15 pm at Katie’s Garden at the Platteville Regional Chamber on Business 151 in Platteville.

100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge

Like our club, the Challenge is free and open to all. Walk a little each day or a lot on some days. Walk fast or slow. It’s all up to you.

Complete your 100 miles in 100 days any way you like and get a free 100 Mile Challenge t-shirt. That is, of course, in addition to the years you’ll add to your life and the life to your years. Because healthy activity is the way we all win.

Challenge begins: Our 2021 challenge kicks off at our big Launch Party Monday, June 7 at 5:15pm at Katie’s Garden. The final day of the 2021 Challenge will be Tuesday, September 14.

200 Miles in 200 Days Challenge

On May 1, our first ever 200 Miles in 200 Days Community Walking Challenge begins! This Challenge will keep you moving all the way to November 16, giving participants a solid endurance challenge to help lift us out of our pandemic funk. While there’s no launch party May 1, we invite all 200 Mile Challenge participants to join us at our Launch Party June 7th!

Log your miles anyway you wish. Download our handy log form here. At the end of the challenge, you’ll simply be asked to verify that you completed the challenge. Walkers are good people, and we trust you.

Photo Contest!

Yes, we have an annual photo contest, too. Our 2021 version includes a special new category. Check it out details and how to enter by clicking here.  

Launch Party!

We plan on celebrating both 200 and 100 mile versions of our Challenge with a June 7 Kick-Off on the trail at the Platteville Regional Chamber’s Katie’s Garden at 5:15pm. Participants of both challenges are invited to attend!

Prizes: Everyone attending the Kick Off event will get a free 100 Mile Challenge logo water bottle (while supplies last). 100 Mile finishers will get a free Challenge t-shirt when they complete a challenge validation form and attend our big Finale event September 14. 200 Mile finishers will also get their own special t-shirt, available for pick up after the November 16 final day.

Other Important Info

Walkers who participated in the Challenge last year or who are already members of our Sole Mates email list will be automatically entered for the 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge. Anyone may enter either the 100 or 200 Mile events (or both) by registering on this page using the form below.

Keep in mind, everyone gets only one t-shirt, so those who attend the 100 Day Challenge Finale on September 14 and pick up their 100 Mile Challenge t-shirt will not be eligible for an additional 200 Mile Challenge t-shirt.

PRECAUTIONS: Importantly, we can all anticipate that for our public kick-off event June 7, we will follow a 1 out of 2 rule: If we’re outside, we can either mask up OR social distance. Given the current CDC and other recommendations, that is safe practice.

So, at our kick off event, please mask up until we get on the trail for a socially distanced walk. Masks will not be required for weekly Sole Mates Monday evening walks as we’ll be outside and pay attention to our distancing.

Masks and other precautions will only be required for our weekly Sole Mates walks if the situation changes. Trust that we will err on the side of caution in order to protect everyone involved as well as their families.

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Sole Mates & Walking Challenge Sign Up

  • Note: if you are already on the Sole Mates email list, there's no need to sign up again. You are automatically entered into our 100 Mile Challenge for 2021.
  • In addition to registering for the walking club and Sole Mates email list, I wish to register for one of these challenges. I understand I can register for one or both challenges and upon completion will be eligible for one t-shirt.
  • The men's version of our t-shirt comes with a standard round collar and no side contour. The women's t-shirt is a v-neck with a slight contour.
  • What size do you want your challenge finisher t-shirt?

Questions? Suggestions? Call Jaime at 608-342-4779.