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Strawberries are a sign of Spring!

by Joan Bahr, MS RD CDE, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator at Southwest Health Imagine a plump, succulent, beautiful red strawberry! Is your mouth watering? Strawberries are a delicious fruit – but did you know they are also VERY nutritious? First, here’s some strawberry facts that might shock you! Ninety percent of US households eat [read more]

Making breakthoughs every day

Southwest Health Family Physician Aditya Sukhwal, MD, MS, FAAFP has been awarded a grant of $4000 from the Ira and Ineva Reilly Badwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment to positively impact community health by studying the impact of diet and exercise on patients with diabetes. With both the grant and the assistance of fourth year students from [read more]

WE DID IT! Small steps and a kind coach helped Jaime lose 202 pounds.

“I had a really great childhood,” Jaime Bies says with a beaming smile. With confidence and energy she hasn’t felt since her weight began to roller coaster after high school, she now eagerly shares the story of her struggle with being overweight and the impact it’s made on her life. “I wasn’t so overweight when [read more]

Dakota’s DRAMA

For theater major Dakota Vassen, life as a senior felt loaded with stress and moved far too fast. Little did the 23-year-old UW Platteville student know, the source of those feelings was likely a medical one that lied deep within him. Literally, in his heart. One day in the middle of his busy last semester, [read more]


By Joan Bahr, MS RD CDE -Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator at Southwest Health. What is that peeking out of the grass? Asparagus. Finally spring is here and the asparagus is sprouting. May is National Asparagus Month and it can be found along fence lines, in gardens, at farmers’ markets, and also in the [read more]

Kids in the kitchen. Creating bonding and education.

By Joan Bahr, MS, RD, CDE Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator at Southwest Health Cooking may soon be a lost art. More and more people are eating out; fewer high schools are offering cooking classes; and processed foods are everywhere. But there is still an opportunity for parents (and grandparents) to change this trend. [read more]

So…do I have Diabetes or Not?

What to do with a pre-diabetes diagnosis. By Sandy Andrews, RN, CDE at Southwest Health The numbers don’t lie—1 in 3 American adults have prediabetes and only 1 in 10 knows they have it! But prediabetes is a very common condition that can be prevented or improved with lifestyle changes and education. Let’s face it; [read more]

Family Meal Time…YES, It’s Important!

By Joan Bahr, MS, RD, CDE at Southwest Health Between work, chores, activities, and more it can be hard to make time to sit down at the table together and eat as a family; especially when everyone’s schedules are different. We may all have the best intentions when thinking about planning a family mealtime, but [read more]

Wellness as a Whole Person

by Jennifer Miller Kass, MSW, LCSW When we think of wellness, we too often think only about physical wellness, diet and exercise. In reality, there are eight dimensions of wellness: physical, social, financial, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational and environmental. Each dimension of wellness is related to the others. While pursuing optimum health and over all [read more]

Bringing the Health of the Rockies to the Midwest

By Anna Svircev, DO, MPH Returning to my home state of Wisconsin after 15 years away has been exciting!  How wonderful to be closer to family and to experience a new community!  Seven of those 15 years away, I was practicing family medicine in Denver, Colorado.  Colorado ranks as the eighth healthiest state in the [read more]