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by Christina Burr, PA-C in Dermatology at the Specialist Clinic at Southwest Health We all love summer. The warmth of the sun, pleasant weather, and outdoor activities make it a joy to be alive. Most of us have been reminded countless times to get out and enjoy life in the summer months, but we should all also be [read more]

Why is My Face Red? 

by Christina Burr, PA-C in Dermatology at the Specialist Clinic at Southwest Health Redness or flushing through the cheeks and nose is a common symptom that patients ask me about.  While there are many potential dermatologic causes of redness and it is always important to rule out any potential worrisome causes such as lupus or dermatomyositis, [read more]

Combating Winter Skin

by Christina Burr, PA-C – Dermatology at The Specialist Clinic at Southwest Health Winter is tough on your skin. Many people suffer from dryness and often have dry flaking or itching along with it. The dry air and cold wind of winter can take its toll on your skin. As we age, it also becomes harder [read more]

Could it be Skin Cancer?

by Christina Burr, PA-C Did you know that Skin Cancer is the most common type of cancer?  While it can occur at any age, the risk for skin cancer increases as you age.  It is caused by a variety of factors including sun exposure and genetics.  You are also at increased risk if you are [read more]