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WIAA Sports Physicals

Get a quality exam from an experienced professional at the Platteville Clinic at Southwest Health . Just $20. All proceeds donated to your school’s athletics program . June 30th. Call 348-4330 for an a [read more]

Performance Training – What For?

By Dan Rohrbach, CEO at Southwest Health Every time I watch a sports game I am reminded that the bigger, stronger, faster teams almost always win. Watching Christian McCaffrey carve up one of the top rated defensive teams in the country during the Rose Bowl, for example, was nothing short of amazing. Do you think [read more]

Your ACL: bridging the gap between injury and play

by Brad Vamstad, Director of Athletic Training and Sports Performance Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL injuries can be a devastating injury for an athlete of any age. In the United States alone, ACL sprains make up almost 200,000 reported injuries per year. Most common among those are athletes who participate in high demand sports like [read more]