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Viruses Among Us

by Jenny Pritchett, MBA, MPH, RN, CIC, Director of Quality Management & Infection Preventionist at Southwest Health As the hospital’s Infection Preventionist, I complete ongoing surveillance of illnesses throughout our area and provide guidance and recommendations based on this surveillance. Over recent weeks we have been experiencing a mumps outbreak in the Platteville and Dubuque [read more]

A visit for every stage of life

by Catherine Blume, APNP at The Platteville & Cuba City Clinics at Southwest Health Many of us assume that if we’re not sick we don’t need to see a doctor.  But do you know why it’s important to have your annual wellness exam?  As we grow and age, we have different needs in life.  This [read more]

Dakota’s DRAMA

For theater major Dakota Vassen, life as a senior felt loaded with stress and moved far too fast. Little did the 23-year-old UW Platteville student know, the source of those feelings was likely a medical one that lied deep within him. Literally, in his heart. One day in the middle of his busy last semester, [read more]

Advancing the Nursing Practice

by Katherine McQuillan, Doctorate of Nursing Practice and APNP at The Platteville Clinic at Southwest Health There are many roles that make up the healthcare team. Each and every role is unique, valuable, and essential to an effective team. Nurse practitioners are among the top-notch practitioners on the healthcare team at Southwest Health, and as [read more]

Getting You Better Faster – What You Can Expect from Us.

By Dan Rohrbach The best care is care that fits your busy life. That’s why our Emergency Department doctors and staff keep track of what we call “Door to Discharge” time as part of our quality measures. Let’s call it D2D. At Southwest Health our D2D averages just 75 minutes. Let’s be clear. We’re not [read more]