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Is Robo-Doc the Future of Knee Replacement Surgery?

By Joshua Lindsey, MD | As people live longer, more knees are wearing out, and more people are feeling the pain. If you’re one of those with severe knee pain, there’s some really great news as to share with you as well as some confusing news out there to clear up. Let’s sort through it. First [read more]

Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

by: Kerri Sue Stange, MPT at The Orthopedic Institute at Southwest Health When you’re to the point where joint pain because unmanageable, joint replacement can help you get rid of that pain and get you back to your passions in life! Though recovery will take several weeks, if you plan ahead for the challenges it [read more]

Knee Replacement Q & A with Joshua Lindsey, MD

Breaking down the truth about custom knee replacements. Dr. Lindsey answers your questions and talks about the difference between the ConforMIS Knee and traditional Knee Replacements. Harvard trained orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Joshua Lindsey explains the difference between traditional knee replacements and custom knees. He answers the most asked questions about knee replacement surgery like: “How [read more]