PM_patch_finalEmergency Medical Services (EMS) are a vital link between people in need and advanced health care services, including our Emergency Room team. Our EMS crew are first responders to all types of emergencies and a great many 911 calls. Every one of us throughout southwest Wisconsin depends on their capabilities and professionalism when we really need it most.
Southwest Health Center_MG_2025We are proud that Southwest Health has acquired our area’s EMS team in order to better serve the City of Platteville and surrounding townships. Doing so allows us to make needed investments in personnel, in equipment, in vehicles, and in our new ambulance facility. Doing so greatly enhancing the capabilities and service we all rely on when seconds are so precious.

Through enhanced services, area residents are gaining access to fully trained paramedic level experts and a highly-trained, rapid response crew with tremendous life-saving capabilities.

Contact our Director of EMS, Brian Allen:
Office: (608) 342-6251 | Fax: (608) 342-6298

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