Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are a vital link between people in need and advanced health care services, including our Emergency Room team.


PM_patch_finalOur EMS crew are first responders to all types of emergencies and are here to serve the people of our community with compassion, dignity, and expertise. Every one of us throughout southwest Wisconsin depends on their capabilities and professionalism when we really need it most.
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Time can be the difference between life and death, and no one knows better than our emergency first responders how critical a few extra seconds can be. That’s why our EMS team never settles in striving to enhance our service capabilities.

The EMS department recently upgraded to a Paramedic level service, allowing them to provide an even higher level of emergency care in the field. The extra training required to maintain Paramedic level status enables our team to be more prepared than ever in a crisis, ultimately saving more lives.

Our work doesn’t end there, though.  You can always count on expert medical care, safe ambulance transportation, compassion in your time of need, and continuous improvements in providing the best possible care to our community.

Contact our Director of EMS, Brian Allen:
Office: (608) 342-6251 | Fax: (608) 342-6298

EMS Station Direct Line: (608) 342-6250
Interfacility Transport Request Line:  (608) 342-6367

Professional Ambulance Association of WI2

Meet the team! – The EMS department is staffed 24/7 by these dedicated and passionate professionals.