Say It Out Loud Art Gallery

Beginning in 2015, Southwest Behavioral Services (SBS), the mental health service line of Southwest Health, has invited artists in our tri-county area of southwest Wisconsin to make a positive impact on the lives of others by raising awareness of mental health issues.

One in four adults nationwide – or about 14,000 adults right here in southwest Wisconsin – experiences mental illness in any given year. In addition, one in 10 children lives with a serious mental or emotional disorder. Despite such rates of mental illness in our families and in our communities, a persistent stigma around mental health continues resulting in people facing discrimination, feeling shame, and too often believing they must suffer in silence.

To empower people in area communities, SBS is working to break the silence, and Say It Out Loud! Enjoy the online art gallery below, which features a few of the many entries submitted by  local artists.

Year: 2021 Medium: Watercolor Location: Dubuque