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Understand: We are not the same as other hospitals, not the same as other skilled nursing facilities, and not the same as other behavioral health centers. We are unique.

Your marketing team is different, too. Different on purpose because we understand what great marketing teams do — that showing people how we’re different is what works. So while other hospitals’ marketing folks are all busy doing what THEY do, you count on us to be different. Count on us to not simply copy others. Instead, count on us to show the world how special our team at Southwest Health really is.


Marketing has many goals, but chief among them is helping our SH team help more people. But we also seek to differentiate. To show our true colors. Doing that means demonstrating our unique and compelling differences.

We could have the world’s best care and the word’s biggest megaphone, but if we don’t have a message that differentiates, resonates, and connects, we could shout all day long and not help our team.

Great marketing makes people sit up and take notice. You should feel it in your heart, not your head. There are a million ads out there. To cut through all that noise and deliver a message people care about, we have to be disruptive. We have to surprise. To do that we have to know our audience, so we can craft a message and deliver a strategy that has our competitor saying, “I wish we could do that.”


1. We’re out to make people FEEL something. While we all believe we make decisions rationally, the research doesn’t lie. Truth is, humans don’t have much use for facts in everyday decisions. Even when it comes to the big issues like where to go for health care. So how people feel about us makes a profound difference in how often the phone rings.

2. It’s not just about us. Though we know our team is second to none, focusing entirely on who we are, on our credentials, and on our expertise, would leave our audiences feeling like we care more about ourselves than about them. Our strength is our patient and resident centered care. We can TELL people about that all day without making headway, but in SHOWING them, we can connect. We tell their story first. Once we have their attention, we get to tell ours, too.

3. We build our brand. Our brand is a feeling. One that rests in the hearts of the people of southwest Wisconsin. At the end of the day, it’s how they feel about us that matters in their decision making. Building our brand raises all boats, all services.

4. We have a big tool box. The days are gone when newspaper and radio were our staple ways to connect with our communities. Today, we still use those media, but we have so much more, too. Social media is among our best friends. We also smartly leverage internet search engines because that’s where people are looking for information. We blog… to provide useful information certainly but also to position our people as the experts to turn to. We craft mail of all sorts to get specific service messages in the hands of people who need and want that info. And we connect with people face-to-face at presentations, fairs, events, classes… and even in online video.

5. We engage. The internet was formerly just a place to put lists of services and phone numbers. But, how interesting is that for the average person on a smart phone? Today, we’re there with meaningful, useful, smart, and engaging content that people want. Important note: the search engines also love us lots more when we’re out there doing more than just blowing our own horns.

This place… this Southwest Health team… is unlike any other. So is your marketing team. We’re looking forward to working with you on your project.