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Thank you for visiting this special page devoted to the Grant County Relay for Life. Here, we offer some basic information about business sponsorship opportunities and the benefits of sponsoring the Grant County Relay for Life.

“This is where hope and compassion combine with action — that’s why this event is important. By joining together and contributing our time, energy, and funds to this cause, we make a vital difference right here in our own communities… and a difference in the fight to save lives. Join me. Join Southwest Health. And join all our other business sponsors in creating a healthier, happier, southwest Wisconsin.”

–Jaime Collins, Southwest Health Director of Marketing and Communications and Grant County Relay for Life volunteer sponsorship lead.

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Walking for the first time in the Grant County Relay long ago helped Jaime gain a sense of some of the pain her friends and neighbors and others around southwest Wisconsin felt on losing loved ones. Her grandmother, mother-in-law, and father-in-law were already survivors of cancer, and before long her sister-in-law would join those ranks. Yet it wasn’t until that day participating in the Relay for the first time that Jaime really came to understand the impact of cancer and the importance of the Relay for Life.

Since then, she’s been involved in different ways over the years, in 2010 even running an entire marathon at the event on the UW Platteville track to inspire friends to donate. Last year, she was Captain of Team Southwest Health, who together raised $2,310.94 in personal donations in addition to the organization’s Gold Sponsorship. This year, she’s elevating her involvement to help an event that helps so many.

“I am very proud to also be part of an organization that not only treats people with cancer but also enthusiastically supports them through the Relay.”

Because Southwest Health supports the relay through sponsorship, Jaime wants to encourage other businesses in the region to join the cause.

“Every ounce of support impacts lives and helps people beat cancer,” she says.

Truly, when you support the Relay for Life, you join a team of two and a half million other souls – survivors, patients, advocates, volunteers, caregivers, and researchers – doing everything in their power to save lives. So please consider joining Jaime in the fight by joining Southwest Health and many other southwest Wisconsin businesses in taking advantage of the Relay for Life sponsorship program.

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