Obstetrical Ultrasound

We want your ultrasound to be an exciting experience for you. Please keep in mind it is a diagnostic test that is done to check the health of both mother and child. During your exam, our technologists ask for your cooperation to ensure your test is done with the highest level of accuracy. Please note that technologists are not always able to provide documentation of fetal gender. Factors such as fetal age, position and the mother’s body style can all affect the ability to successfully perform this test.

Ultrasound images are acquired by using high frequency sound waves. There is no radiation involved. In most cases, you will be given a flash drive containing select images to take home with you. Videotaping, cell phone pictures or the use of other electronic devices are NOT allowed.

Preparation and procedure

To obtain the best possible examination, you must have a full bladder. Please drink 32 oz. of liquid 45 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. DO NOT empty your bladder.

Part 1: Trans-Abdominal: For this exam you will be lying down and warm gel will be applied to your skin. The sonographer presses the transducer against your skin over your abdomen, moving from one area to another, obtaining images of specific fetal structures. The sonographer may also measure the fetal and/or the amniotic fluid. As soon as the examination is completed, you will be allowed to go to the restroom to empty your bladder

Part 2: Trans-Vaginal: (this portion of the exam is not always necessary): Once your bladder is empty, a trans-vaginal ultrasound is often performed to obtain close views of the fetus, uterus, cervix and/or ovaries. This is achieved by inserting a probe into the vagina.

On the day of your exam

Please arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to allow for parking and registration. Please plan to spend approximately one hour in our department. In order to keep unnecessary distractions to a minimum during the exam, we need to limit the number of extra persons in the scanning room to one or two guests. Additional guests are welcome into the room after the diagnostic portion of the exam is complete. We ask that you please have an adult present for supervision if you bring children along.


Our radiologist will study your examination and a report will be forwarded to your practitioner, from whom you may obtain the results. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact our department at at 608-342-4740.

Date of appointment _______________________________________ Time_____________________

Your procedure will be performed at Southwest Health at 1400 Eastside Road – Platteville, WI 53818. Please use the Main Hospital Entrance and check in at the Registration Desk prior to your scheduled procedure.

If you cannot keep your appointment please contact the radiology department at 608-342-4740 so that me may accommodate another patient.

NOTE: It may take 2-3 days to obtain verification from your insurance company for exams that require prior authorization, such as CT, MRI, Nuclear Stress, Injections, etc.