Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Upgrade your MRI experience

Our new MRI is first class in comfort and technology. From its extra wide bore that feels less claustrophobic to its extra high definition images for the most accurate diagnosis, Southwest Health’s MRI technology leads the way.


Patients appreciate the comfort

Wide bore – compared with other MRI machines, our 70cm wide bore gives patients ample extra space. And that means its not only more comfortable but also accommodates people of all sizes and medical needs.

Shorter design – thanks to the high-tech shorter magnet design, many patients can be scanned feet first. That allows their heads to remain outside the bore and makes for a much less claustrophobic exam experience.

Better lighting – lighter and brighter reduces those closed in feelings and makes the experience easier.

Your own music – specially designed headphones allow patients to relax and listen to music during scans. You can even bring in your own iPod or MP3 player.

Two way intercom – patients can now talk with the technologist during the exam. Knowing you can ask questions or voice concerns eases fears and worries.

Doctors love it for its capabilities

With 64 channels and  TrueForm magnet design, our Magnetom Aera MRI produces extremely sharp and precise images — all the way to the edges — ensuring the most accurate possible diagnosis and the highest possible diagnostic confidence.

Less Hassle. Less time.

Having this technology right at SH in its own three-room suite inside the hospital means a lot to doctors and patients alike.

You no longer have to travel far or venture outside to a semi-truck for an MRI exam. No one has to wait for appointments or go through the expense and hassle of traveling for an exam. The area’s premiere technology is all right here, close to home.