carena-image-2With eCARE by Southwest Health, you’re just minutes away from great care online anytime. Board certified doctors and nurse practitioners are available 24/7 on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, helping you save time and hassles with easy and affordable visits you never need an appointment for.ecareFor cough, fever, pink eye, rash, or urinary tract infection, eCARE delivers the care you need to get on with your life right away. Everything from headaches to athlete’s foot, from back pain to bug bites and more. Depending on severity, of course, some conditions may not be treatable via eCARE, and a referral may be made.

Jump online from where ever you are in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Iowa, and talk directly to one of our board certified doctors or nurse practitioners. Plus, it’s just a flat $40 fee with no hidden charges. So for the price of a standard office visit deductible, you see a medical professional in the comfort of home without the hassles of appointments, driving or waiting.

To get eCARE or to find out more, click here. Or, download the free app here:  (for Android)     (for iphone)

You can also call eCARE by Southwest Health to talk directly to an operator who can help you set up your eCARE visit. 855-322-7388 (855-3-care-88).