Back Pain Anyone? Causes, Myths, & Non-Opioid Treatment Options

If you suffer from constant or even occasional low back pain, this is for you! Millions of Americans suffer back pain due to osteoarthritis, failed back surgery, herniated disks, spinal stenosis, sciatica, and more. In this presentation you’ll discover all the new medical techniques and treatments that can help you live with less pain or no pain. Presented by Tanya Bonson, APNP, of Advanced Pain Management on Wednesday, September 18th at 3 pm (time of day yet to be confirmed). Registration link coming soon.

Tanya is a certified family nurse practitioner. Throughout her career, she’s shown a passion for helping people improve their lives. Sadly, pain too often prevents a happier, healthier life! Tanya enjoys being part of a highly advanced team improving lives and increasing abilities for people in southwest Wisconsin and beyond, and they do with all the latest in progressive pain management techniques.

EveryWoman’s Journal — Reflections, Awareness, and Self-Care

A Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation workshop facilitated by Jaime Collins, Southwest Health Director of Marketing and Communications. This FREE program includes materials and is held Tuesday, September 24 from 6 to 8 pm in the Conference Room inside our EMS Station at 1350 Eastside Road in Platteville. Click here to register.