Young At Heart Super Socials

For people a little wiser today for having a few years behind them, we created Young At Heart. Our members are curious people, open to knew ideas and new friendships.

The way we see it, staying young at heart means you stay more active and engaged. And in the long run, we believe it helps people live longer and live better, too.

The Young At Heart club’s goal is to connect you with new ideas, with fun activities, with wellness programs, and with other club members. And that’s why we created our Super Socials.

yahSuper Socials are free and open to all members and their friends. We almost always have an interesting speaker… many of the most interesting speakers around, actually. Light snacks and refreshments, including wine are always provided. Even better yet, there’s absolutely no cost to members for these Super Socials, other than the price for spending a little time with the rest of us.

So that you never forget when they are, we always hold them the second Thursday of each month from 4:30 to 6pm at Park Place Senior Living on Elm Street in Platteville. They have a beautiful main meeting area and other adjacent rooms that help make us all comfortable, so we can relax and enjoy our time together.

Consider joining us. To become a member, see our Young At Heart page.

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