What to Do with Kids When the Weather Outside is Frightful

By Breanna Callahan, Marketing Coordinator

 Winter is a fun time, but it also can be a challenging time when you are stuck at home. So, what should you do when the roads are bad and you don’t want to just hand over the remote and turn your kids into TV zombies? We have listed a few ideas below.

  1. Bake. Gather your baking tools (and the broom) and go to town! Baking is a fun activity, especially when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor afterwards. You can even make it a contest. Our daughter is majorly into cooking competition shows on TV. You can have your own competition!
  2. Play outside. Don’t be afraid to go outside with your kids when it is cold out. Just bundle them up well. Yes, of course, there are extremes when the cold temperature or wind chill make it unsafe to go outside, but cold fresh air is good for you! There are a ton of things you can do outside even when it’s cold, including playing in the snow, participating in a scavenger hunt, or kicking the ball around.
  3. Have an indoor picnic! Whether it’s a snack or lunch, nothing makes an ordinary meal extraordinary than a blanket thrown on the floor with some fun food! You can even make it a themed meal, whether you only have food that is a certain color or foods that start with a certain letter. The wackier, the more fun!
  4. Create art projects. A few ideas would be making/playing with play dough, painting, coloring, or having some fun with random materials and glue. Let your kids show their creative sides, and their creations can even be used as gifts. They will be so proud!
  5. Have a dance party. This is a great way to get everyone moving and have some fun and giggles while you’re at it! So, crank the tunes and, as Taylor Swift would say, “Shake it off!”
  6. Play. Despite what some kids think (like our daughter) it is ok just for kids to just have free play. If you leave them alone and tell them to just play, yes, they might get bored at first, but then they will put their creative minds to use and play. Whether it’s playing with dress up clothes, building blocks, or blankets to create a fort, it’s always entertaining to see what they come up with!

So, as the weather gets colder and snowier, enjoy the time you have with your family, even if you’re stuck indoors. We wish you a safe, healthy, and fun winter!

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