Weight Loss – A Group Effort

SH employees team up to lose 250# – and here’s how!

by Karla Vosberg

Losing weight can be a long journey that can have many ups and downs along the way. I’ve been there. I’ve experienced the ups and downs. I tried the fad diets, sliming shakes, nutritional supplements, you name it. They didn’t work. But what did work for me was a different approach. A face to face partnership of sorts. It’s called Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers meetings are an opportunity to talk with people experiencing the same situations I am dealing with on a daily basis. We understand each other. When our group meets, we discuss the ups and downs of the week; what worked well, what didn’t and ways that we can support each other for a positive outcome for the next week. Knowing that we have each other’s support on a daily basis is a huge benefit of the group.

If we’re having a hard day or couple of days, we can communicate with each other. And that support helps keep us all on track. Weight watchers is so much more than a weekly meeting; it becomes like your own little community that relies on each other for advice about a new recipe or good things to order at restaurants.

What I found is that Weight Watchers is a lifestyle change, not a fad diet, so we are forced to find what works for us to help sustain ourselves over a life time. This way, we are not setting each other up for failure.

I personally love the comradery that our group has each week. Everyone cheers on everybody’s losses, and we support each other when the weeks are tougher. When our group is together, we discuss what is working, what we have tried, and everyone has suggestions for trying new ways to be able to have healthier choices. I truly think by having Weight Watchers here at SH, we are encouraging our staff and our community to not only lose weight but to make a lifestyle change…healthier is better and it can be a fun and an exciting journey. Even more so when you have support.

Here’s what some of our group members say about the process:

“The weekly meetings provide support and accountability that encourages the right choices.” Jaime

“I was initially skeptical, but I actually like it because you can track it and you eat anything. You just have to decide if it’s worth it. The result is I am eating healthier and losing weight.”  Bruce

“The weekly weigh-ins really keep me on track.”  Katie

“Going to the groups with the support of everyone has helped keep me accountable. I look forward to the meetings each week.” Necia

Be part of the group

Our current group has lost a combined total of over 250# in the last 12 weeks. Our next 17 week session begins on February 29th.  We meet every Monday evening at 5:00pm with private weigh in’s starting at 4:30. If you’re interested in joining the Southwest Health team, or have more questions, please contact me at (608) 342-5031 or vosbergk@southwesthealth.org


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