Things to do on Game Day

In ADDITION to watching the game:


Climb the Big M

Cook with the kids

Go for a walk (tried this yet?)

Find a new place to walk or hike or bike ride

Have an indoor treasure hunt with the kids

Play disc golf

Hit a park

Play charades

Ever been to the Mines of Spain? If not you’re missing a gem. Go give it a look.

Concoct a new fruit smoothy (and try adding some of these)

Play soccer, softball, or tag football

Pitch a tent & go camping (ever been here?)

Invent a new game


  • Leaf peeping
  • Apple picking
  • Get lost in a corn maze
  • Play some touch football
  • For a hike
  • Birdwatching … and try to identify wild birds

Visit an area winery

Three Good Things (each family member write down and describe on paper three things they’re grateful for)

Write a poem (seriously, everybody in the family sit down and write something from the gut)

Organize your own family film festival

Got snow?

  • Go sledding or tobaganing
  • Try snow shoeing
  • Try XC skiing (you can rent them here)
  • Or downhill skiing (dubuque, Mount Horeb, and Galena all have skiing centers)
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