Smart Start to the New Year

The new year is not magical. Resolutions often fail.

But, the fact is the new year really is a new beginning, and you can use that fresh start as a tool for positive change.

That said, don’t try massive character change. Setting small, reachable goals several times throughout the year is much better than trying to change everything as of January 1.

Start with something important but simple. Make your resolutions realistic. Change one thing at a time. Focus on changing your behavior, not your weight or something that can easily overwhelm you.

resolution 2016Talk. Share your desire to change with family and friends. Or seek to make some new friends who either share your desire for change or help you on your journey.

Take it easy on yourself. This is not about perfection. It’s about change. If you stumble, re-commit. But, do not give up. Keep moving forward, no matter what. Moving forward is the win.

Find a helping hand. Everyone needs help now and then. Join a gym. Subscribe to a nutrition magazine. Beg your partner or friend to join you. Ask your doctor.

Change happens when you are committed, when you plan, when you set the right goal, when you set yourself up for success, and when you have the help you need. Go forth and make 2016 a year of wonderful, meaningful steps to a better you.

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