Reasons to Enjoy Your Local Farmer’s Market

By Breanna Callahan, Marketing Coordinator

I love farmer’s markets. Strolling through the park on a sunny Saturday morning picking out delicious produce and beautiful flowers. What’s not to love? Let me share with you a few reasons I enjoy visiting farmer’s markets.

Buy Local

When you visit a farmer’s market, you are supporting friends and neighbors. Not someone sitting in an office somewhere in a different state. You are getting direct access to fresh, in season, locally grown foods and handmade, original goods.

Quality, Handmade and Homegrown Products

You know when you go to the grocery store and you buy tomatoes, get them home and they are hard, barely red, and taste like nothing? You will not experience that when buying from a farmer’s market. The produce is fresh, fully ripened, picked at just the right time, and full of flavor!

Social Gathering

Meet new people or join up with friends. A farmer’s market is a great place to chat with other locals. Who doesn’t want to see a smiling, friendly face while strolling around?

Bring your pet!

Most farmer’s markets allow pets (within guidelines). You probably won’t see an adorably fluffy Fido in the produce aisle at your local supermarket.

Less Chemicals

Many of the vendors at the farmer’s markets grow vegetables without chemicals and offer meat raised without antibiotics and hormones. If that is something you are interested in, this is a great option! You can also find fresh made bakery goods free of preservatives. Who doesn’t love a fresh homemade apple pie (without the work!)?

Beautiful Selection of Flowers

When I first attended a farmer’s market I couldn’t believe the size of the hanging baskets. And the bouquets of fresh flowers are unbelievably beautiful. What a fun way to add some color to your dining room table!

Great Learning Experience

This is a great, unique activity for children. And because of all of the activity and stuff to see, they are sure to keep entertained. As you walk around, you can point out all the different vegetables. When I have taken my daughter, she didn’t know what some of them were or didn’t know that is what a squash looked like whole (she has only eaten it after I prepared it). Also, they are more apt to try something they get to pick out. So maybe make it a tradition to have them pick out a vegetable for one of your meals that week to see how it tastes!

Music and Entertainment

Many times as you are strolling through a farmer’s market you will hear unique music being playing. Many feature different musicians or local theatre companies each week. What a fun way to check out local talent!

Want to check out a farmer’s market? Below is a list of of a few local markets, where they’re located, and when. We hope you enjoy them!

List of local farmer’s markets:

Platteville – Saturday mornings at Platteville City Park

Cuba City – 3rd Wednesday of the month 4-7 p.m. at the Presidential Plaza (by the Caboose)

Boscobel – Saturday morning in Depot Park

Dubuque – Saturday mornings in the upper Main district

Dodgeville – Saturday mornings in the Methodist Church parking lot

Darlington – Saturday mornings on at the Darlington Festival Grounds

Mineral Point – Saturday mornings at Water Tower Park




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