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Recreation Therapy and Mental Health

By Dana Groom, Recreational Therapist Imagine a therapy that would treat your mind, body, and soul. One that would not only help you improve your cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being but also cater to your own leisure interests and goals. Recreation therapy can do all of these things as well as provide you with [read more]

Journaling During COVID & Prompts to Get You Started

By Jaime Collins “My thoughts are private. What if someone sees my writing?” “My hand writing is awful.” “Ugh… sounds like work. I don’t need more work.” Not everything about journaling is perfect. On the other hand, my experience and the experiences of people who’ve attended my Journaling classes find the payback well worth it. [read more]

Suicide prevention by means reduction

By: Jennifer Miller Kass, MSW, LCSW Suicide is a serious public health crisis. Suicide is a complex behavior involving the intentional termination of one’s own life. According to Mental Health American four percent of adults have suicidal thoughts. More locally, per year: Grant County has 15.8-19.8 suicides per 100,000 people, Iowa County has 19.9-38.1 suicides [read more]

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Building Resiliency- Helping You Through the Tough Times

By Ashley Dixon, Social Worker Everyone is likely to experience a traumatic event at some point in their life. Unfortunately, it is almost unavoidable. The year 2020 has certainly provided its share of unique challenges and obstacles for many of us, to say the least. How we experience these traumas, and more importantly how we [read more]

Which is it- cold, flu, allergies or COVID?

By Breanna Callahan, Marketing Coordinator With fall almost upon us, not only are we thinking about jumping in leaf piles and sipping pumpkin lattes, but also cold and flu season, with seasonal allergies as well. This year is bound to be especially challenging, as we have the complications of COVID-19 to add to the mix. [read more]

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Hand Pain and Your Treatment Options

By Ting Zhang, Orthopedic Surgeon Do you have painful, stiff joints in your hands? You could have arthritis. Arthritis is the loss of cartilage at a joint resulting in inflammation, pain, and/or stiffness. We use our hands for many things during the day: driving, writing, typing, and many for our daily work. We will discuss [read more]

Hip Pain Causes and Treatment

By Andy Stader, Orthopedic Physician Assistant Hip pain affects most of us at some point throughout our lifetime, whether it’s from playing a casual pickup game, gardening, cutting wood, or carrying in groceries. Most often, when we pull a muscle or irritate our soft tissue, it gets better with RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and [read more]

Blue light lenses-worth the hype?

By Breanna Callahan, Marketing Coordinator Blue light is a buzzword right now used by eyeglass retailers.  Since it is approaching back-to-school time, and many attending school will be attending virtually, I see many advertisements for blue light reducing glasses. These ads portray blue light as harmful and indicate it hurts your eyes. And of course, [read more]

What We Need Now: Kindness To Ourselves + Others

By Breanna Callahan, Marketing Coordinator With the school year quickly approaching, we are still very unsure of what it will look like and be like for everyone. Especially since the coronavirus numbers are nowhere near what we would like them to be or even on the verge of declining. As a parent myself, I know [read more]

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Studies: Preventing Dementia Begins Early

By Jaime Collins Saying goodbye to my mother-in-law for the last time was heartbreaking. Especially so because the person I said goodbye to wasn’t really her. The woman I knew so well was already gone. Dementia takes more than a person’s memory. It also steals their ability to communicate and to perform daily tasks, and [read more]