Nothing Works Like Work

This Labor Day, we celebrate work itself. And the remarkable people who work together to create a healthier southwest Wisconsin.

Of course, most of our team (like mostly everyone else) is not working today. But, when we are at work, our people regularly demonstrate something very important about work itself. Namely, that there’s nothing that works like work.

Yes, dreams are awesome. And plans are necessary. It’s important to be big on both. Yet nothing creates true success like hard work. That we know.

At Southwest Health, our 530+ employees are on a Journey to Excellence. We’re reaching higher and doing more than ever before. And we’re setting records along the way. That’s thanks to passion and dreams and plans, certainly. But, it’s also thanks to the diligent hard work of our amazing and people.

DSC_5637A few facts about what our dedicated people do: We were recently ranked in the top two percent in the nation in patient satisfaction. We were just recognized (for the second year in a row) for workplace excellence. Our Epione Pavilion is perpetually rated 5 stars and nationally recognized for their compassionate, personal care. We’ve created new services and made important additions to others, from cancer care to EMS to specialty care to our team of dedicated primary care doctors, advanced practice nurses, and physician assistants whom you rely on regularly for the health and well being of your family. For more about our recent accomplishments, click here.

This is a special team – one that views work as more than a series of hours to muddle through. Because we work for others, work is a reward in itself. Our diligent work is the source of our strength. Indeed, it is our pleasure to serve others.

This is why we all feel proud to be part of the team. And what better day than Labor Day to celebrate our work… and working for the benefit of all of us here in southwest Wisconsin.

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