Got Resolution Hangover? Here’s Your Cure.

If you’re on track (or even close) with sticking with your New Years Resolutions, we offer our hearty congrats! Way to go!

For the other 90%, we offer something more valuable – sound advice to get you back on track.

First off, take it easy on yourself. Not all resolutions succeed. We’re glad you made a commitment to stop smoking, lose weight, work out, or some other change for your good health, but we understand. We’re all human. Sometimes we struggle with changes. Even if a resolution were the perfect thing to do, we’re not.

But, here you are. With a new day, new first of the month, and new beginning right here in front of you. Don’t give up. Make a new plan and forge ahead! 2016 can still be an amazing year for you. It’s hardly even started!

Here are a few tips to get you back where you want to be:

2016Make a plan, and make it concrete. No matter what the resolution, making your plan as specific as possible (example: I want to lose 10 pounds by July by eating more fresh vegetables and fewer calories overall), means two things. One is you’re more likely to remember it with the details attached. The other is concrete details make it harder to delay the good behavior that will get you there.

Next, put something of value on the line.  Studies show that the risk of losing money or other tangible assets (something you really want) is a very strong motivator to change. So drop some money into a special savings account or piggy bank once a week, and tell your spouse, partner, or friend, it’s all theirs if you don’t meet your goal. Whoa!

Find support. Friends, family or others can really help you make changes. If you don’t have support, find it. Ally with someone who understands. Find a friend who can share your struggle with you. If you don’t have those people in your life, find them. Seriously. Making supportive new friends is always a good idea.

Remember, your time is now. Make your change. But also, know that if you fail, there’s always another chance in your future. Life is full of them. Every month we have a new first. Every dawn brings a new day. The seasons change and so do our opportunities for change. Seize on them.

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