Give Your Bad Day a Makeover

Work isn’t working. Your kids are crabby. That painful paper cut.  And last night’s dinner is disagreeing with you.

Sometimes life just throws things in your way. Truth is, bad days happen to all of us. Even the small stuff can overwhelm us and trigger a downward spiral of negativity that may quickly turn you into a barely recognizable stressed out version of yourself.

Hoping you win the lottery is not the answer. So, what is? What are some good ways you can turn a bad day around?

Here goes.

  1. Don’t stop reading at this first suggestion, because as many times as you’ve heard “stay positive,” it does actually work. If you give it half a chance. Putting a smile on your face (even one you have to paste on) is shown to brighten moods – yours and those around you. Though everyone loves a genuine authentic smile, a fake one is a good start in the right direction. In addition, such plain old positivity has a remarkable effect on the environment around you. It improves productivity at work, helps you get along with others, increases creativity, and reduces stress.
  2. Go proactive. Certainly, doing something about your problems is going to help more than lingering excessively in your negative emotions. But, you can’t solve anything using only negative energy. So, get rational. Look closely to discern the true nature of issues, and put some balanced thinking into better understanding your problems. When you do, consider what you CAN do to make situations better. Prioritize things and decide what’s most practical.
  3. Learn gratitude. In many circumstances, one simply has to consider what’s good about life to feel better. If there’s a silver lining, dwell on that thought. If not, think about what is truly good, healthy, and helpful about your life’s circumstances.
  4. Be wise about your mistakes. Errors are just another way GOOD people are made BETTER.
  5. Take 5. Or 15. Or even a day if it comes to it and you’re able. In walking away, even briefly, we grant ourselves the gift of clarity. A few moments are often all that are needed to take some deep cleansing breaths and find a new perspective.
  6. Call a friend. That’s what they’re for, right?
  7. Change up your daily routine. If the morning’s got you down, do something for lunch that you normally don’t. Breaking familiar habits can quickly snap you out of a funk.
  8. Find yourself a funny pet video. Or, whatever makes you laugh. It’s not only good for your heath but also works wonderfully well in the moment to change your mood.
  9. Get up and get cleaned up. And put on some decent duds. Being fresh and clean lifts your spirits.
  10. Get some exercise. Even if the time isn’t right for an actual workout, a little stretching or a short walk will work wonders on your frame of mind.
  11. Very few of us meditate regularly. Fewer yet are gurus. But, any of us can stop and sit and just breathe. Breathe deeply. And think about your breath as your doing it. That simple step alone never fails to calm the mind.

These simple solutions are very effective ways to alter the course of a bad day.

But, of course, none of these will do the trick if your issues are truly big and lasting. Many times, people just need help. Whether that’s in the form of financial guidance, psychological or medical care, counseling or other support, there are local places to turn and people ready to help. Never ever give up. Find the help you need to make it through.

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