For motivation, unleash your inner child

If motivation were an animal, it’d be a stray dog. Hard to find. Harder yet to get on a leash. Not always friendly. Not always pretty. And easy to lose again. Face it, it won’t come to you just by calling it.

Sometimes though, words of wisdom come out of the blue in ways you don’t expect. Often, the surprising ones are the best kind. Like this amazing little video:

What is about this little boy that’s so inspiring?

The first thing that comes to mind is that people who depend on you can be powerful motivating forces. Mothers and fathers get this. If you’re one, you may have noticed how you often ignore your own needs and wants to be able to satisfy your little ones. We’re easily motivated to be good for the sake of our kids, yet logically we should find with the same ease the motivation to do what’s best for us, too, right? After all, you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself, first.

The second thing that comes to mind watching this exciting little bike rider is that he’s just accomplished something that for him is really important. He didn’t create lasting peace in the world, make a million dollars, or invent the next greatest thing, but for him this accomplishment was loaded with meaning. He may not have expected success today, and he may have been worried that he might fail. So, when he made it happen, pride swelled inside and came pouring out of him as positive feelings. Doing what you’ve feared to do… making it happen… is magic. Its takes the pressure off like nothing else and frees you up for more inspired success.

The third important idea here is that this little speech maker had an audience. He was sharing his moment with someone else. He shared it with the guy (presumably his dad) behind the camera, and he shared it with us. Every journey is sweeter with others along for the ride. They can’t be on the bike with you. They may not be running alongside you. They may not make it to the gym with you every day, nor are they required to be at your side on that windy, cold, rainy day you’re outside on your walk. But, you can still share your plans, your aspirations, and your successes with the people close to you.

Think about it… who are the people closest to you? How are you helping them by being motivated to be healthy and well? Think about how much better you’ll be for them if YOU are the best you can be. Next, think about what’s really important to you. Identify the best little things in life and write them down. Finally, share those thoughts. Tell your loved ones and people close to you where you want to go. Take those three simple steps to harness all three of these naturally motivating forces to help you find the excitement inside you that this little boy has discovered. That’s your inner child speaking. Set that child free, and you can accomplish anything.

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