Exciting Updates from Southwest Health

We have one focus: providing residents of southwest Wisconsin access to top healthcare providers. Which means we continually look ahead at what the trends are in healthcare and what the needs are for our area, so we can stay ahead of the game. Thus we have two exciting announcements: we have begun expanding into our new clinic addition and we have added Dr. Michael Tashner to the Southwest Health Eye Center team.

Since last July, we have been watching the development of the new clinic addition on the south end of the Southwest Health campus. First, we saw the dirt being dug up. Then we saw structures beginning to be built. And lastly the interior finishing items such as carpet, paint, and furniture were brought in. It has been a fascinating process. The end result is a bright, airy, modern space which allows for increased space to serve patients. There’s also the wonderful addition of the Eastside Café & Bistro, which offers coffee drinks (made with Badger Brothers coffee) as well as delicious breakfasts dishes, pastries, sandwiches, and soup.

We are now in the process of moving into the new space. It is a gradual move, meaning not all services are moving one specific date. The transition began in June and will likely be completed in early August. Below we summarize the moves that have happened so far. All services located in the new clinic addition are accessed by entering the Gold Entrance.

Health Information Management, which assists with medical records, is now located on the 2nd floor of the new addition. To inquire about your medical records, contact them at 608.342.4718 or sign up for MyChart.

Dr. Melissa Carr and her team at Women’s Health have moved to the 2nd floor of the new addition. To make an appointment, call 608.342.0986.

Also on the 2nd floor of the new addition are the clinic offices of our General Surgeons, Dr. Scott Houghton and Dr. Maggie Steinbeisser. Their new phone number is 608.342.6275.

Our Diabetes Educator, Sandy Andrews (ph. 608.342.4709), and Dietitian, Katelyn Schobert (ph. 608.342.5025), have moved their offices to the 2nd floor of the new addition.

The Pharmacy has a much larger space in the new addition, on the 1st floor. You can find them by entering the Gold Entrance or the Pharmacy Entrance, which is located around the corner from the Gold Entrance. There is convenient parking, and still the option of curbside pickup. Their phone number remains 608.342.6200.

The Specialty Clinic is now located on the first floor of the new addition. The Specialty Clinic houses providers in the following areas: Pain Management, ENT, Audiology, Cardiology and Pediatric Cardiology, Urology, and Sleep Medicine. To reach them, call 608.342.5060. Please note, Dermatology will remain in their current space, 1st floor of Blue Entrance, and will not be moving. However, their phone number did change to 608.342.6285.

Our Orthopedic providers and Massage Therapy have moved to the previous Women’s Center/Specialty Clinic area, located on the first floor, Blue Entrance. The phone number to reach Orthopedics and Massage Therapy is now 608.342. 6210. Rehab Services, which includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy, will remain on the lower level of the Blue Entrance. Their phone number remains 608.342.4748.


Quick reference of services, their location, and phone number

Service Location Phone Number
Dermatology 1st Floor Blue Entrance 608.342.6285
Diabetes Educator and Dietitian 2nd Floor Gold Entrance Diabetes Educator: 608.342.4709
Dietitian: 608.342.5025
General Surgery 2nd Floor Gold Entrance 608.342.6275
Health Information Management 2nd Floor Gold Entrance 608.342.4718
Orthopedics and Massage Therapy 1st Floor Blue Entrance 608.342. 6210
Pharmacy 1st Floor Gold Entrance 608.342.6200
Specialty Clinic 1st Floor Gold Entrance 608.342.5060
Women’s Health 2nd Floor Gold Entrance 608.342.0986


Another exciting development has been the addition of local Optometrist Dr. Michael Tashner to our highly talented Eye Center team. Dr. Tashner will continue seeing patients at his current office, which is at the Southwest Health Eye Center, McGregor Plaza.

The addition of Dr. Tashner to Southwest Health means he will be able to focus exclusively on caring for his patients. Patients of Dr. Tashner will enjoy the same experience and access to high quality vision care. Southwest Health accepts a broader range of insurances, which will allow more patients to see him. To make an appointment with Dr. Tashner, call Ph. 608.348.2515.

We are excited and honored to be the healthcare team of choice in southwest Wisconsin. Being able to continuously improve the access of healthcare for area residents is an honor.

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