5 Weeks to 5K Training Program

No Matter What Your Level, We’ll Help You Run the HUSTLE

We are excited once again to be partnering with UW Platteville and SNAP Fitness to bring you a program designed to help people at ALL activity levels successfully train and run a 5k race. In particular, we target the Homecoming Hustle as our target race, which takes place the morning of Saturday, October 10th, prior to the big Homecoming Parade in Platteville! It’s always a great event, and if we can help any walker or runner achieve their goal, whether that’s simply to finish or to run a personal best time, that makes it an especially great event for all of us.

hustle 2Click here for the sign up for the Hustle.

So, consider joining the 5 Weeks to 5K Training Program. This program is FREE and fun and will help you reach your personal goals. It all kicks off Wednesday, September 9th at 5:00 PM at SNAP Fitness. Our Orthopedic Institute‘s Physical Therapy staff runners as well ans SNAP staff will be on hand to help everyone with training plans and get out on a run appropriate to your level.

HustleMembers of our staff, Samantha Jordan, PT and Julie Grabandt, PT, have created training plans at three different levels to give everyone an idea of what they should be planning for workouts and what will help them achieve their personal goal.

Here are some sample training plans:

Beginner to 5k

Intermediate 5k

Advanced 5k

To find out more about the 5 Weeks to 5K Program or to join, simply come to the kickoff. Training sessions will be at least weekly after the kickoff date, If you have additional questions or just need more information, give our Orthopedic Institute a call at 342-4748.

Happy Running!



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